3 Tips For Massaging Your Sore Wrists
A female holding her wrist giving her wrist a massage.

3 Tips For Massaging Your Sore Wrists

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Whether it’s typing, playing tennis or any other number of activities, working your wrist for an extended period of time can lead to pain in your wrists. Left unchecked, the soreness and inflammation in your wrists can become chronic, often ending up with a diagnosis of the uncomfortable and painful carpal tunnel syndrome. When inflammation and soreness occurs, your first reaction will likely be to find some relief. Here are 3 tips to giving yourself a hand massage to alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with wrist pain.

Palm Massage

You start this particular massage by opening your right hand. Put your left thumb into the base of your right hand, making sure to wrap your fingers around the back of your right hand. Next, move your left thumb in a circular motion. By doing so, you release much of the tension in your large thumb pad. Repeat this process at the base of each finger and along the side of your palms.

Tennis Ball Roll

Hold a tennis ball with both of your hands and your palms open. Roll the ball between your hands constantly and forcefully as it reduces discomfort in your wrist and alleviates muscle tension. If you don’t happen to have a tennis ball laying around the house, you can always use a frozen water bottle or a smooth rock.

Forearm Rub

Target the muscles in your forearms, the ones that control your wrist, by applying some hand lotion and using your open palm to slide your hand from your wrist to your elbow. The key is to apply light pressure as you move up and down your forearms. Work your thumb side, your middle and pinky finger to reduce pain in your wrists fully.

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