4 Simple Ways to Help Office Fatigues
A look at a typical office setting where people are working in different offices.

4 Simple Ways to Help Office Fatigues

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Take breaks – Take frequent short breaks that requires movement to be more alert. Stand up and stretch your legs by taking a walk around the office.

Eat smarter and better – Don’t skip out on meals especially the most important meal of the day; Breakfast. Make sure you take in a good amount of nutrition per meal.

Change your environment – Believe it or not, your workplace influences how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. Try adjusting the room temperature to a cool temp, the position of your desk, and the lighting.

Cut Back caffeine – More water and less coffee is the way to go! Not to say you need to cut back soda or coffee completely, they can be a perfect pick me up. Mild dehydration is a common and often unnoticed cause of fatigue. Not properly hydrating can reduce blood flow to your organs and slow down your brain so keeping a bottle of water on your desk is a must.