4 Tips To Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel
A woman holding her wrist because of Carpal Tunnel

4 Tips To Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel

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Sitting at our desks typing away for years can lead to pain in the wrist and, eventually, serious issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are 4 tips to help prevent its onset.

Take Breaks

Sometimes you just want to get that next email sent out or finish that spreadsheet. Maybe you’re on a roll, maybe you’re on a deadline. In either case, it’s important for your wrists and joints to get some rest. Stretch and bend your hands every once in a while, taking special care to not get too comfortable or wrapped up in a routine.

Use Proper Form

Make sure you’re never bending your wrist too far up or down. If you’re typing on a keyboard, make sure it’s level with your elbows.

Relax Your Grip

People often tense up when they’re performing tasks on the job. If you’re on a cash register, hit the keys softly. If you’re typing, use just enough force to type without mashing the keyboard. If you have to write by hand for an extended period of time, use a large pen and a soft grip.

Improve Posture

It can’t be stressed enough, posture is key to most joint and muscle problems. Make sure your shoulders are never rolling forward because this leads to undue stress on the muscles in your neck. That stress has adverse effects on your joints, fingers and hands.