4 Types of Neck Pain Worth Treating
A male holding his neck because of neck pain.

4 Types of Neck Pain Worth Treating

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Stiff Neck

If you find yourself struggling to turn your head, this could be a sign you have neck pain worth checking out. As with most types of pain, the degree of discomfort can vary.

Stabbing or Sharp Pain In One Spot

Often times, pain is contained to one spot on the neck. Instead of being a sustained type of pain, stabbing pain can feel excruciating for moments at a time.

Pain that Travels to Other Parts of the Body

Sometimes pain that begins in the neck travels to other parts of the body, namely the shoulders, arms and fingers. Conversely, pain can move from the neck into the head, causing tension headaches.

Soreness in a General Area

A sustained type of discomfort, neck pain can be a general sense of soreness (i.e., back of the neck) that lingers for hours (or days) on end. Soreness can be painful and distracting.

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