5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Athletes
A football team playing on a football field and winning.

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Athletes

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People often think chiropractic care is either best served for people dealing with the aftereffects of a car accident, a slip and fall accident or the consequences of a life spent sitting at their work desks. While those are three situations that can be greatly improved with chiropractic care, athletes stand to benefit as much if not more than any other group of people interested in chiropractic.

Here are 5 of the biggest reasons athletes at all levels should consider chiropractic care.

Improved Mobility
Osteopathic manipulative treatment, otherwise known as OMT, is a form of chiropractic therapy popular among athletes, particularly football players. Used as a preventative treatment, OMT’s goal is to improve flexibility and be a catalyst for pain-free movement.

A misaligned spine or a knee injury can interfere with the functions of all other systems within the body since all parts of the body are connected. This can cause athletic performance to suffer. When athletes seek chiropractic care and are getting regular adjustments, this keeps the spine working smoothly and in turn, helps ensure that other body parts are functioning properly.

Eases Pain
Hockey is similar to football in the sense that physical contact is a main aspect of the game. As such, injuries are common and can linger for weeks, even months. A recent study showed that chiropractic helps reduce some of the constant shoulder instability common to hockey players and football players.

Helps Relieve Symptoms of Sports Hernias
A sizable number of sports injuries involve the groin, often caused by athletic pubalgia (otherwise known as a sports hernia). Chiropractic care can be used to help alleviate some of the discomfort caused by these types of injuries. A recent study suggested that soccer players experienced relief from discomfort related to their sports hernias after eight weeks of combination therapy consisting of chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation exercises.

Increased Grip Strength
Popular consensus is that chiropractic care is best for relieving or preventing discomfort in tense muscles and bones. One lesser-known benefit of chiropractic was brought up by a recent study that suggested chiropractic sessions helped augment patients’ physical strength.

Reduced Recovery Times
Chiropractic treatment ensures that every bone and strip of soft tissue is in its proper place, with adequate space and blood flow, enabling the body to work properly and naturally and heal itself quickly.

Chiropractors use several techniques to promote rapid healing, including: Massage and stretching, Stainless steel tools used to break down scar tissue, Functional dry needling to release deep muscle tension and Electrical muscle stimulation to release tension near the surface.

Chiropractors also help regulate sleep cycles, which is an essential component of allowing the body to heal itself. Faster recovery time is an important factor for athletes, considering many of them are on strict schedules and can’t afford to be out of the game for too long. This makes chiropractic care a great treatment option for athletes with sports-related injuries.

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