5 Things You Should Throw Away to Soothe Your Allergies
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5 Things You Should Throw Away to Soothe Your Allergies

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We all love our fake furry friends but sometimes they can harm your health. Your stuffed animal collects dust mites that are the most common indoor allergen. These microscopic little critters survive on a steady diet of human skin cells. So, consider washing your stuffed animals on a regular basis if you don’t tend to trash them.

We spend about six to nine hours a day sleeping, therefore, your pillow should be one to frequently change. Your bed is a major source of dust mite exposure and dirty bedding can cause breakouts, skin irritations and even make us sick. Over time our beds become a haven for bacteria, dirt and other things which build up while we sleep.

Not many have a good old window fan but if you do you should be aware that window fans suck in air from outside, pulling in allergens like pollen, ragweed, and even mold inside. There are certain molds that mulch up the dead leaves on the ground, especially in the fall, and their spores are released into the air which is when your allergies begin.

Decorating your office space can be a big deal. For many bringing a piece of nature in can curate mold in your space. Mold thrives inside buildings, and especially in damp places like the soil in potted plants. While many outdoor molds lie dormant during the colder, winter months, the spores from the indoor varieties can travel through the air in any season, triggering symptoms year-round.

Speaking of your office space, you might have old papers lying around whether in your cabinets or in a little corner in your office – You should consider cleaning out the clutter to reduce the dust that mites live in there.