A Smile a Day can Keep the Doctor Away!
A female showing a big smile and happy.

A Smile a Day can Keep the Doctor Away!

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The benefits of smiling and laughing:

Many people have said that smiling or laughing can help reduce stress. In the University of Kansas it has been proven! Researchers chose students to participate a multitasking challenge where they had to perform stressful tasks while having chopsticks on their teeth. They checked their heart rate before during and after the tasks were finished. In result, those who displayed smiles had lower heart rates than those who didn’t—concurring that smiles can protect the heart a bit and reduce stress quicker.

Fake it till you make it, right?

Even though most of the health benefits are gained with a genuine smile, a fake smile may do you some good for a while. The muscle in the face when you smile reinforces or transforms emotions that help brains create happiness loops—which encourages positive thinking patterns. According to Sondra Bennet, a biochemist, smiling can help boost cellular levels. Cells can differentiate safety and danger. Therefore, they can find and repair problems—creating balance with the body.

Laughter has similar benefits to smiling, but it also stimulates organs that enhance our intake of oxygen. When laughing, our lungs stretch and our muscle expands gaining the benefits of exercising the body. Laughter can also stimulate our blood flood and aid muscle tension. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter can help boost our immune systems because it has the potential to release neuropeptides, which helps fight illness and stress.

So have a little smile or crack some jokes, because it’s best to defeat those toxins in your body with a free dose of happiness.

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