Backpack Alert for Back to School Kids
A female carrying a bookbag on her back and a cup of coffee.

Backpack Alert for Back to School Kids

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We are nearing the Back-to-School season, and kids will be loading up their new backpacks with all of their latest school supplies. Backpacks seem harmless enough, but what are the risks that are associated with these school staples?

Lately, many doctors and therapists are noticing that children are developing back problems from carrying around heavy backpacks. It’s recommended that backpacks should weight 10% to 15% of your child’s weight to be on the safe side.

Additionally, monitor how your child wears their backpack. If they are “one-strapping” those bags, it causes them to place more weight and on one part of their body. As such, they will eventually develop lower back pain and strain within the shoulders and neck from one strapping their bag.

Knowing how to position the bag and adjusting the straps to the right length can make all the difference. The bag should not go past the lower back, nor should it be too high. The bag should fit in the middle of your back and barely grazing the small of the back.

Improper use of the backpack could result in back pain, bad posture and strain to your body. Make sure you know what your kids are carrying around and how heavy their bags are. Also, speak to your child about the proper way to utilize their bag.