Benefits of Drinking a Daily Green Smoothie
A green smoothie is a glass.

Benefits of Drinking a Daily Green Smoothie

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Nowadays there seems to be a diet that fits just about anyone’s lifestyle, from juice detoxing to ketogenic diets and everything in between. One common ground among most diet types is that vegetables and fruits form a vital part of proper nutrition. Daily intake of fruits and veggies helps human beings thrive by providing the necessary vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With that being said, there is one type of drink that can be incorporated into pretty much every diet: a daily green juice. There is a reason why all registered dietitians, aestheticians and beauty enthusiasts alike rave about taking in your daily greens. Here are just a few of the benefits!

  1. Increases veggie and fruit intake: it goes without saying that blending in fruits and vegetables will increase your daily intake. It’s also a great way for picky eaters or children to mask the taste of veggies or fruit that would otherwise be left on the plate if consumed on its own.
  2. Improve hydration: starting your day off with a water-based green juice is a great way to increase water intake for those who don’t enjoy the taste of water alone.
  3. Improve skin: skin will look healthy and glowy due to the amount of antioxidant and phytonutrients in green smoothies.
  4. Improve colon and gut health: green smoothies contain the entire fruit and vegetables which means you are also consuming all of their fiber. Overall, green juices are the better option when compared to fruit juices with added sugars or “natural flavors”.
  5. Prevent chronic diseases: due to their anti-inflammatory properties and the number of beneficial vitamins and minerals, green juices may help prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
  6. Energy: green juices have been proven to improve mental clarity and increase energy, these mood-boosting benefits may even be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

These are only a few of the numerous ways in which green juices help improve your overall health and it’s worth trying to incorporate them into your daily diet. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but most people will find that they can benefit from incorporating this habit into their lifestyle.

Quick green juice recipe:
1 c spinach
1 c kale
½ banana
1 pineapple slice
½ cucumber
Water or all natural coconut water

Put all ingredients in a blender, blend and enjoy!

Quick tip: in order to reduce sugar and calories, incorporate more veggies rather than fruit and opt for an all-natural base such as water.

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