Three Ideas to Deal With Depression & Anxiety

depressionDepression and anxiety are still listed as infamous mental health illnesses in the U.S. Nowadays people are trying to fight the stigma — trying to receive help and participate in frequent doctor visits. Even though therapy may help some others comfort themselves in daily activities. Let’s be honest, sometimes life gets the best of us. If too much is going on or if there is too much free time, you might feel overwhelmed or stressed. Here are some ways people deal with their depression and anxiety that you can try too.

  1. Art Therapy
    If you have an artistic mind, you would probably like this advice. Coloring has become a popular activity among adults. Therefore, it’s not just a child pursuit. Studies from New Zealand has concluded that adult color books has mental health benefits by calming the mind. It induces a mindful-meditative state when choosing colors and focusing on the design. It has no rules, and there is no wrong way of doing so. If you’re not into coloring, it’s okay. The practice of this therapy is not just drawing and colors – but looking at art itself.  Studies have been established that when a person stares at art, it calms the mind. So it’s time to take a cultural trip to your local art exhibit.
  2. Read or Write
    Want some alone time? If you’re the type of a person to snuggle under the covers and want to figure out a way to get the energy out of the system, you can easily escape to another world with a book in hand. What kind of genre is more attracting to you? From romance to poetry — whatever eases your mind. If reading is not your forte, you can always grab a pen. Write a mock letter to someone you love (or someone you dislike) and let all the negative energy out through your words on the piece of paper. Then, throw it out or keep it! Whether or not you want to keep the memoir of your unsent letter, its good that you release your thoughts and emotions even if its just for your eyes only.
  3. Exercise
    Run! Dance! Do Yoga! Let the blood flow through your body. We know, getting up and getting out may not seem tempting, but if you run with mother nature you’ll always be entertained. You are releasing endorphins as you exercise. It may not feel like it at first, however as you get into the motions you’ll see a shift in your emotions.

These suggestions are only a couple of other activities people can participate to release their depression and anxiety away. There are other options that are beneficial that you can take into consideration. Though if you decide to try one of these, which one would you choose?


The Baby is Coming! What You Should Know When You Are Pregnanat


Being pregnant gives you nine months to read books, do research and inform yourself about how to be a good parent for your child. However, there are many scenarios where pregnancy is a surprise. If you’re pregnant and this is your first baby, it’s okay to not know the “mommy” rules when you’re growing that baby bump. Pregnancy is confusing and there are certain measures to be taken as well as time to figure it out, but eventually, you’ll get used to it.

  1. Don’t Drink or Smoke
    This should go without being said, but hey — some people forget. Drinking can cause a various amount of birth defects and risks including spectrum disorders, stillbirth, miscarriage, and premature birth. Smoking and second-hand smoking have similar defects as drinking but it is most likely that the baby may experience low birth weight, learning issues, or sudden infant death syndrome.
  2. Don’t Paint The Nursery
    If you wanted to join your loved one in panting the nursery, think twice!  Inhaling the toxins exposed by paint is not healthy for the infant. It’s important to stay as safe as possible for the baby’s health. So just sit back, pick the colors and decor then let your spouse do all the dirty work.
  3. Don’t take hot bubble baths or sit in saunas
    It sounds nice. Though, it has a flaw. Being pregnant will eventually become a bit painful and stressful. Lighting some aromatherapy candles and running a hot and steamy bubble bath seems like it’d be the cure to fix pregnancy issues. However, an elevated body temperature can cause a certain birth defect.
  4. You Can’t Eat Everything You Use To
    Unfortunately, ladies, you cannot eat the way you’re used to eating. No matter how much FOMO you get from missing out on sushi nights with gals, you gotta do what you gotta do. This means no raw meat, no shellfish, no smoked seafood, raw eggs, or soft cheeses. We know its tempting, but it’s all worth it when that baby comes out healthily.

I know you’re probably thinking the worst right now, but guess what? Following these guidelines and many more you can find in other blogs or books, and it will be totally worth it the time.

What is Phentermine & What Does It Do For You?

drugUsually, phentermine is prescribed to people who are over 27-30 BMI. Though if you want to try it, talk to your doctor about your questions and concerns about phentermine- maybe they’ll consider it. You will have to set up an appointment to examine your body and health before you begin. They may even request blood work to see the different levels where your food is broken down into. This gives the doctor accurate information on what areas you should be working on and why you are gaining weight constantly. If this diet pill is prescribed to you, the doctor will recommend a dietary plan, which entails how many calories a day you should be eating and what types of foods you should concentrate on. With this plan, you will mostly see results in the first few weeks.

When taking phentermine, you should know it releases adrenaline. When this happens, the glucose in your body increases and the food is broken down at a rapid speed. In result, this feeling will help you want to be more active. Since the body wants to get rid of all the extra energy phentermine will trigger the mind to do something physical and be more active. It also tricks the mind that you are full — filled with food. In result to this effect, you can concentrate on the necessary nutrients needed for your body to function properly and lose weight.

Even though this is a popular weight loss drug, it does have side effects. A few of these side effects are vomiting, dizziness and headaches. It can even impact your psychological health with depression, anxiety, and aggression listed as a few aftermaths.

So how much weight will you be losing?

Well, that depends. Each body is different. The effects will depend on age, weight, diet, and activities.  Keep in mind that being prescribed phentermine is not long-term. Majority of the time it will last a few weeks, a month or even three — depending what the doctors suggest fits best for you. It is imperative to consult a medical professional before going on this diet to consume it safely and properly in order to get the best results and keep your body in a healthy state.

Morning Beach Runs: Is It Better Running With or Without Shoes?


Where would you rather go on vacation — to the city or the beach?

Majority of the people hit the islands or the beaches to soak up the sun for the summer. That’s the best way to receive natural vitamin D. Summer might even inspire you to work on that swimsuit body! Running is the usual go-to exercise people choose to lose weight, gain stamina and stay fit year-round. For this season, many people decide to run on the beach. Before you question it – consider it to have multiple benefits. You’re running in the fresh air, gathering up vitamins and you’re sculpting your body at the same time.

Yet, some people run with shoes and some people run barefoot. Which option is better? Technically both are acceptable. It just depends if you’re experienced or not.

First thing is first, you have to keep in mind that running on sand is different than running on pavement. The sand itself is not stable ground. It will be different for each step. You may also encounter a lot of seaweed, seashells and other unwanted surprises on the beach from past beach-goers (maybe even see a jellyfish on the ground). Therefore, it’s not all just a view of paradise. You do have to be aware of the path you are running on.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to wear shoes. Any pair of running shoes is perfectly fine. Though, if you want to keep the sand away from your socks, it’s best to invest in a closed-mesh shoe. There are other shoes that can also help with the grip because believe it or not and can get slippery. If you want to start running barefoot, train yourself. Start by going for a short run (10-15 minutes) before you go the distance. There are pros and cons to running on barefoot, and one of the cons is causing an injury.

That’s unfortunate, we know. That’s why you take it step-by-step for your feet muscles adapt to the new circumstances.

Running barefooted might lead to ankles sprains and achilles injuries because your feet are getting any support. Since the sand is within a soft surface, it has the ability to stretch your muscles longer. Though, you are also running in a natural range of motion, which results in strengthening your feet and ankles.

Even though you can run, either way, the better option would be with shoes on. It will give you the support needed when putting pressure on your body and prevent any injury you may come across.


Healthy Snacks For Those Netflix Nights

healthy-snack-alternatives_path_webAfter binge-watching on Netflix until 2 a.m., it’s usually normal to get a little hungry from time to time. You’re probably still awake and bored. Maybe your stress levels needed a little more push. Even though during these times, people aren’t as active as during the day – the regular midnight snacks tend to be ice cream, candy and more. Most likely, you’ll pull out a bottle of wine as well.

We wouldn’t blame you. Mostly, we would join you. However, there are some alternatives to fill that belly and satisfy your hunger needs without turning to sugar and carbs.

Popcorn: That’s weird. Why popcorn? No wonder people recommend late night movies. Guess you’ll be munching on this while you watch Netflix. Even though popcorn has butter it is considered a low-calorie snack. With a little bit of shredded cheese, you will also consume tryptophan – an amino acid that can help you fall asleep.

Turkey Breasts: Build up on protein with a few turkey slices from the fridge. This also holds tryptophan to let your fall asleep. If a few slices does not work, you can always use it to make a light sandwich. Put ingredients that are also recommended for a midnight snack such as avocado and hummus.  Now that sounds healthy enough to intake before bed!

Milk and Yogurt: When you were younger, did your parent give you a glass of milk before bed? That’s probably because milk makes you feel full and satiated – giving you a sense of drowsiness before bed. It’s the same with yogurt. Yogurt has plenty of nutrients to keep your body happy. The calcium it holds cures your late-night alertness. It also has protein and probiotics that will keep your digestive system running – maybe even in your sleep.

These suggestions don’t have to be for midnight only. If your goal this summer is to shed some pounds, but don’t know what to munch on for your cravings, you can try these snacks. Yes, these foods do help you fall asleep but in other terms, it can empower your body to get up and move. Therefore, it keeps your body happy and healthy while you shed some pounds and make you feel more confident for being in the body that you are in.

Different Styles of Working Out: Which fits you best?


Trying to get that summer body?

Working out is a primary factory in obtaining this goal. It’s very important to utilize a form of exercise as a way to benefit you mentally and physically. Not only does it clear your mind and increase your motivation, but you will feel empowered — let’s not forget to mention how good your body will feel on the inside. Maintaining a proper workout routine and keeping your body active is something everyone should obtain. It’s what the human body craves. The variety of exercising styles are endless. Anyone is bound to find one that fits their body as well as their mind. So in order to get you started on that dream body here are a few types of workouts you can try out.


Established in India, yoga is becoming one of the most popular forms of exercising and is sometimes known as a cure. This workout style is made for those who are looking to improve their state of mental, physical, and spiritual health. It’s also a great way to relax, clear your mind and reduce stress by using different breathing techniques and stretches. When practicing yoga, whether it may be at home or during a session, all you need is your body and your yoga mat.


This founded by the Greeks who used this form of exercise as a part of their Olympics in 1896. It’s a series of a number of repetitions, sets, and weight sizes depending on the lifting goal a person wants to achieve. Most athletes use this as a second workout in order to gain strength and increase muscle mass. From bicep curls and dips to bench-pressing and squatting–this style of working out is beneficial toward a mental and physical health as you are clearing your mind while developing muscle.


Capoeira is a well-known form of martial arts created over 500 years ago by a group of African slaves in Brazil. It is a combination of fighting, dancing, music, and rituals originated in Africa. This exercise trains the body to gain strength, flexibility and power. It trains the mind to obtain self-confidence and concentration. Capoeira is often performed by two people. Although it seems as the two are fighting, the performers are playing with smiles on their faces. You can find these programs through universities or privately owned schools.

If you try these workouts and you believe they don’t work out for you, don’t give up! There are other routines you can try that will keep your body active. The results are worth it.

Why Should You Schedule A Yearly Check Up

yearlyWhen do you usually set up a doctors’ appointment? Is it usually when you feel sick or have a concern about your health?

That’s a good reason why you should always have to check up with your primary doctor each year. We know people have busy schedules and it seems difficult to set up an appointment. Depending on the availability of the doctor and your time, depends on how long you would have to wait for your appointment. Though, having an appointment for an annual physical set in your schedule is worth your time.

With a yearly check-up:

  1. Doctors can help prevent any health problems. During your visit, the doctor can recall any changes to your body and identify any health risks. This will help you prevent any viruses entering your body and offer any advice to live a healthy lifestyle. That means you can prevent yourself from becoming sick when flu season hits!
  2. You can save money! Believe it or not, seeing your doctor every year can help keep a bit more money in your bank account. A serious health risk can be prevented with a visit. You can avoid a lot of medical bills by visiting the doctor. With the yearly check-up, your doctor can examine your health for any serious concerns and prescribe what is needed — as well as offer healthy choices before a problem goes overhand.
  3. You may not feel anything, but that doesn’t mean you’re 100% healthy. Even though you feel fine, your body might be speaking differently. Many times health problems don’t show symptoms. For example, about 1/3 of people who are heart attack victims don’t get warnings from their body. A doctor can figure out these symptoms by making sure your health is up-to-date with your lifestyle — preventing health risks for your well-being.

Once a year might be too much for some people, but the average number of visits an American sees the doctor is actually four. Never be afraid to talk to your doctor. If you have any questions and concerns dealing with your mental and physical health, make sure to bring tell them. Taking care of ones body is imperative. Health is considered wealth. That means yourself, your mind and your body are the most expensive thing you own.

How Coloring Books Help Adults With Depression And Anxiety

how-coloring-books-help-adults-cope-with-depression-and-anxiety_path_webIt’s hard to believe that coloring can help with a person who has depression or anxiety — especially in adults. Come on, adult life is difficult. Think back to when you were a child. Coloring gave a feeling of bliss — somewhere to run away to in your mind and just be at peace. That’s exactly why adults are going back into the habit. It can actually be prescribed by a psychologist.

Think we’re crazy?

Carl Jung, one of the greatest psychologist who discovered analytical psychology, suggested coloring to his patients in order for them to get in contact with their subconscious and self-knowledge. It’s like meditating or reading a book – but coloring helps a person express the stress away through colors and calms your nerves from all the negativity around them. The time and focus coloring needs take away from the thoughts swarming around a person’s mind when its overloaded with ideas, stress, and depression.

Is it weird to think that coloring has an intellectual aspect?

Yes! Coloring utilizes both right and left side of the brain. When you put two and two together the artistry awakens the right side of the brain. Though, choosing colors and placing them on paper is a type of problem-solving — awakening the left side of the brain. It takes focus and concentration to create something that is aesthetically pleasing.

The adult color books are slightly different than those for children. Most coloring books figure out images and landscapes that would give the mind a go workout – per se — as well as calm the inner-self. The more difficult the design the more concentration and focus needed in the end. For example, many adult coloring books have mandalas. Mandalas are shaped as a circle and have other shapes and intricate designs in between. The circle shape itself is seen to be calming than those with angles. In the Eastern and Native American cultures, it’s seen as a meditative shape since it’s easily found in nature. Some of these coloring books also have nature and landscape designs that help the mind focus on the bigger picture.

This will decrease the mind to think about the little stresses and focus it on the drawing they are painting. When the artwork is finished, it gives a sense of an accomplishment and delight. Think about it, a person turned a black and white photo into life.

4 Types of Fasting: What Works For You?

different-types-of-fasting_path_webSeveral people have this strange misconception that fasting is just a simple diet to minimize the intake of food and have a possibility to starve yourself—little do they know fasting can be used for a variety of reasons. Some people fast for cleansing or detoxification, while others fast for medical treatment or religious practices. If you want to get into fasting, no matter what kind, consulting a doctor before you start is a must. In result, you will be avoiding any potential health risks.

Here are four different types of fasting:

Intermittent Fasting

This style of fasting has been around for centuries. It’s not seen as a diet, but a pattern of eating. Intermittent fasting, also known as cyclic fasting, has become extremely popular in the recent years. The different methods can make it tough to define. However, each method follows a specific pattern of food intake. Usual fasting times are from 14 to 18 hours. The reason for this is because our bodies go into a process called, post-absorptive state. In this state, our insulin levels are low — making it easier to burn fat. After about 8-12 hours of eating our bodies are still within the span of our insulin levels to be high. That’s why intermittent fasting is a popular choice. You don’t change the levels of food intake. You change the time of intake.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is when an individual is to consume nothing but liquid from fruits or vegetables. This type of fasting can happen for a day to two weeks of no solid foods. As simple as it may seem, it’s easy to forget to take in enough vitamins. So if you’re interested in starting a juicing cleanse, make sure to plan ahead to get all the minerals you need in order for your body to function without feeling a loss of energy. A refreshing juice combine with fruit, vegetables, and water should be consumed three to six times a day.

Diagnostic Fasting

Diagnostic fasting is usually considered for medical testing. It is usually used before a person takes a glucose tolerance test. This test is for blood glucose levels. With the result, it can diagnose a person if they have diabetes or hypoglycemia. This is issued by your doctor. In the form they give you, it will tell you the time period it’s safe to fast and how long you will have to fast for. The usual fasting time period is up to 8 hours.

Religious Fasting

Religious fasting is done for spiritual or ritual reasons. Different religions have different procedures when it comes to fasting. Most of the practices include a strict diet – restricting to only fruits and vegetables. They may also include grains and of course water. Different religions fast for several days to a month – depending which kind of religious fasting you would like to do.

Do you know anyone who has tried any of these fasting options? If you think of trying any of these fasting methods, make sure to talk to your doctor first.

HICCUP! What’s Your Remedy For A Hiccup?


Have you ever wondered why you hiccup? It can feel weird — even if it’s only for a few seconds. It may even sound like a cough. There are many reasons people may have the hiccups. The main reason is the diaphragm. When your diaphragm gets irritated it can lead for you to suck in the air, which goes to your voice box and suddenly closing your vocal chords for a second. In result, you get a little squicky “hic” out from your mouth. Most people would describe it as an involuntary contraction.

Maybe you ate too fast. Maybe you got too excited and sucked in the air by mistake. There are a few ways on how you can get rid of hiccups if you want them to stop. Here are a few you may not have heard of.

  • Breathing exercises: You may have heard that holding your breath for 20 seconds is a good way of getting rid of the hiccups. But you can also breathe into a bag or hold your legs against your chest for two minutes.
  • Press on pressure points: Another way of getting rid of hiccups is by focusing on pressure points. By pressing on them lightly, you’ll slowly feel the condition stop. Press on your diaphragm gently, which will stop it from spazzing. You can also pinch your nose lightly as you swallow.
  • Water and food intake: drinking water slowly can help decrease the hiccups. They also say that placing sugar on your mouth and swallowing it when it turns into the liquid can also help. If it doesn’t, you can try sucking on a lemon like it’s a sweet fruit. We know it’s sour, but if it helps the diaphragm stop having spasms — it’s best to act like it’s delicious.

Most of the time you can just wait it out. They usually go away with just a bit of patience. Though, if the hiccups prolong for a period of time, it might be suggesting that the body needs medical attention. You should see a doctor if you cough up blood, have abdominal pain or shortness of breathing.

How do you get rid of your hiccups? Do you know any other remedies that help with hiccups?