A kitchen sponge on the counter.

The Filthy Kitchen Sponge

pathmedical Wellness

You may have your kitchen sponge innocently resting in a certain spot within or beside your kitchen sink. Are you aware of the bacteria residing within it? Microbiologists are aware that your kitchen sponge is a staple to getting your daily meal prep and clean ups complete. However, they do caution you to be careful with how and where you …

A woman carving a Thanksgiving turkey on Thanksgiving.

What is the Paleo Diet?

pathmedical Nutrition

The Paleo diet is a trend that taps into your ancestral background to provide you with the nutrition that is essential for your body to function efficiently. This diet has the ability to keep you lean, energized and strong. You will be relying on foods that were eaten by your primitive ancestors. Therefore, it’s going back to your roots as a …

A female carrying a bookbag on her back and a cup of coffee.

Backpack Alert for Back to School Kids

pathmedical Wellness

We are nearing the Back-to-School season, and kids will be loading up their new backpacks with all of their latest school supplies. Backpacks seem harmless enough, but what are the risks that are associated with these school staples? Lately, many doctors and therapists are noticing that children are developing back problems from carrying around heavy backpacks. It’s recommended that backpacks should …

A female pregnant with a baby.

Pregnant and at the Chiropractor’s Office

pathmedical Chiropractic Care

During your pregnancy, things can get a bit tricky as your body is slowly preparing itself to get the baby out when the time is ready. The hormones within your body are kicked into overdrive to help relax your ligaments to get the baby’s head down and out. Through this process, your spine and lower body are being subjected to many …

An elderly woman massaging her hand.

Wellness Tips: Aging Joints

pathmedical Wellness

As you begin to age, your joints are beginning to go through a stressful period. Joints are very reliant on your core strength, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping up consistently with an exercise regiment. There are some additional steps that you could take to ensure that those joints age gracefully. Eat Fish Fish consists of omega-3, which has been …

A male pouring coffee into a cup in the morning.

Caffeine Alternatives

pathmedical Nutrition

Do you find yourself desperately scrounging around to find coffee in the morning? Do you find yourself with a headache if you don’t have your morning coffee? If your answer is yes to both of these questions then we can deduce that you are reliant on coffee. Although coffee may have its benefits for your health, there are also the downfalls …

A guy sitting with his knees up in the forest.

Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: Knees

pathmedical Wellness

Your knee pain could stem from arthritis or an injury; whatever it is, there are a few methods that could help you relieve the pain that you feel so intensely in your knees. Exercise Keeping up with your daily dose of exercise is important in order to build strength in this area that needs it most. Stretching, weight training and …

A male giving Physical Therapy to a patient.

Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: The Back

pathmedical Wellness

Chronic back pain is the bane of your existence? There are many tried and true remedies to help reduce the stressful feeling in your back. Some you may have heard of, others you may not. Here are some recommended tips on dealing with that agonizing pain: Heat Therapy When heat is applied to a sore back it has the potential …

A couple working out at a private gym.

Workout Wednesday: Exercises for Lower Back Pain

pathmedical Exercise

The lower back is highly important towards keeping your posture consistent while walking and running. Without building strength in this area, you would be susceptible to experiencing pain within this region of your body.\ Here are some workouts that could help you build strength to keep your posture in tip-top shape.   Hip Raises   Lie on your back on …