What Types of Food Will Make You Tired?


You probably heard it at least once in your lifetime. The foods you eat affect your performance during the day. How much you eat may also affect your mood. However, it all comes down to the type of foods you consume. Different foods will either energize you or make you hit the covers. If you are having a busy day and can’t afford to take some shut-eye, here are a few types of foods you should avoid.

  1. Pasta: We do love our Italian food, don’t we? Unfortunately, before you request some lasagna for lunch, consider the feeling you get after eating. Pasta has refined carbohydrates that will boost your blood pressure and make you feel fatigue. Why do many tasty meals make people feel so drowsy? Life is not fair.
  1. Meat: This one is mostly talking about the red meat family. Yes, these delicious steaks hold iron that is a wake-up supplement, but they do carry high levels of fat. Because of the fat, it makes digesting food a little more difficult. Even though you’re not taking up much energy, doesn’t mean your body is not doing a lot of work. Your digestive system is taking in a lot of energy – which leaves you feeling drowsy.
  1. Fish: Hold the sushi! Even though fish offers protein and fatty acids, it also holds vitamin B6. This vitamin creates melatonin, a sleep hormone that will trigger you to crawl into bed and hide under the covers. If you need to keep yourself up in the afternoon, eat your salmon for dinner instead. Besides, you don’t want to be walking around with fish breath, do you? We hope not!

There are a lot of foods that may lead you to drowsiness. Some are also those that may wake you up in the morning. Therefore, it is best to set up your meals accordingly. So you can consume all the nutrients you need for the day. Like we said in the beginning, portions take into effect on how your energy level is placed! We know our list sounds delicious, but be aware that you might get sleepy after a while.

What Is Dandruff and How Do You Get Rid of It?


Many people have been there. The head’s itchy, so it’s time to scratch. And when you scratch, little snowflakes fall down to your pants and you get a tad embarrassed. Don’t be. Most people have endured the itchy feeling of dandruff. We all agree it’s hard to get rid of them for good.

So what is dandruff?

Dandruff is dry skin on the scalp that most likely was tampered with malassezia – a fungus that is living on the scalp in the majority of healthy people without doing them harm. There are many reasons people have a flaky scalp. It comes from the weather, your immune system, and even hair products. We are not sure if you can get rid of dandruff entirely, but there are plenty of ways to alleviate the itchiness and prevent you from scratching a snow storm.

Here are a few ways you can scrub off the itch away:

1. Tea tree oil: Many studies have shown that if a shampoo or conditioner contains 5 or more percent of tea tree oil, will have less severity of dandruff than people who use hair products without it. Tea tree oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help defeat the fungus within the scalp. Not only that, but it can be seen as a natural conditioner that eliminates the hair to flake.

2. Mouthwash: We know it’s weird to think about it on your scalp. However, Listerine has been suggested by many popular beauty influencers including Farah Dhuka – who has such luscious and healthy locks. Celebrity beauticians also suggestion mouthwash as an alternative to prevent flakiness. You’d hit two birds with one stone if you bought the mouthwash with tree oil. That’s double antibacterial properties to freshen up your scalp.

3. Lemons: If you need something easily handy in the fridge, you can opt out for a pair of lemons. Since lemons have citric acid, it helps fight the itchy scalp and also has antimicrobial properties that help get rid of the fungus.

Each product listed can be mixed with the other ingredients as well to make your hair stronger, fresher and healthier. Applying this to your scalp may not get rid of dandruff entirely, but it will keep your head fresh free from flake severity and clean from any itchy patches.

Have You Heard About Calisthenics?


If you never heard about calisthenics, you might think it’s a name for a part of your body. However, it’s a type of exercise – where you perform gymnastic-like routines to keep your body fit and lean. If you ever wonder how a gymnast trains, this might be a good workout to try.

Calisthenics is a combination of strength and movement. Never be jealous if you feel like you’re weaker than the two that are next to you. Their muscle story may have started long before you began training. Never judge yourself for it. However, strength is essential to perform movements under the calisthenics belt. A few examples of the type of exercise that would go under calisthenics are:

1. Tornado Pull-ups: This exercise will workout mostly your arms, and lower abdomen and legs. This is performed like a normal pull up, but you are twisting your torso as you pull your self and unwinding your legs as you go back down. Sounds painful, right? Though it works your body well.

2. Brock Jump: This mostly works on your shoulders and triceps. You will need a medicine ball or a prop that will help you jump from one side to the other. It’s like a jump push-up but alternating sides that give more of an effect towards your body.

3. Hanging Strength Leg Raise: You wouldn’t think hanging from a bar would be hard, would you? Think of hanging while your kegs are straight. You will feel it in your quads, glutes and core.

4. Back Lever: this would give you a full body workout. To give you a picture of this workout, a person is basically holding the bar from their backs as they hang from it for a good time. This takes a lot of practice and training — plus it’s harder than it looks.

The best thing about these workouts is that you don’t need to add any more weight. These workouts are solely trusted to your body weight and you still gain the muscle and tone body look you would if you did weight training.


How Is Salt Water Good For You?

saltwaterWhen you think of salt water, do you think of its wonderful benefits it can give your body and beauty? It may even be a great alternative in some of your daily hygiene routine. Though, we know what you’re thinking when you see “salt water”.

The ocean.

The ocean is filled with it (naturally, which is always the best). So what can the ocean blue help you other than its calming scenery?

It has anti-bacterial properties. This means that when you indulge yourself in the ocean it can help heal sores, scars, and acne. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not going to magically heal your skin, but it improves the process. You can just even jump in and run out and still absorb the salt water healing powers.

The ocean has a lot of magnesium: Magnesium is an imperative mineral to the body. It helps with metabolism, muscle functionality, and blood circulation. The ocean has a lot of that. Therefore, it is worth the thrill of soaking yourself with the natural waters mother earth has given us.

If you’re not near the ocean or any public saltwater areas, don’t worry about. There are other benefits that come with it that you can make at home. Here are a few examples:

Salt bath: Make a DIY lush bomb with some Epsom salt and the tub filled with water (pick your fragrance because there will be choices). As your bathroom steams up, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. By initiating this in your beauty routine will help with many skin conditions. For example, eczema benefits from these baths. The magnesium that is included in these salt baths helps by easing the itchy feeling on the skin as well as help draw away the bacteria and fungi from development.

Mouthwash: If you have any sores or irritation in your mouth, salt water can help ease the pain. It can even help with oral conditions such as gingivitis. That will be helpful for those who dislike flossing.

In result, salt water has magical powers that will keep your body happy and healthy and not just set for those at sea.


What Are Cysts and When Should You Be Concerned?

Just hearing the word, “cysts” sounds disgusting. It also sounds infectious – it’s probably because it can be infectious. If you ever wondered what that lump on your skin is, it may be a pimple – but it can also be a cysts.

What are cysts?cysts

They are like sac-like structures that are usually grown in the follicles of hair and skin. Though, they can be found anywhere on your body. Cysts are made of gas or fluids such as pus; they will leave a bad odor when popped. The good news is that they are usually harmless, noncancerous and heals itself. However, they can get swollen and cause a little pain if not taken care of. If a cysts does bother you in any case, call your primary doctor. They will be able to get rid of it for you.

A cyst will look like a pimple at first. What’s the difference?

A pimple or a zit is usually formed by oil build-up in your pores. It creates a blockage that results in a red bump on your skin. A cyst is more dramatic than that. A cyst forms when the infection goes deep under your skin that creates a sore and itchy bump filled with pus. Just like a pimple, you shouldn’t pick at it or pop it — unless you want to experience a terrible infection or curious of its bad odor. However, we don’t recommend it.

Cysts are considered a low concern. They can be easily taken care of through home remedies. If you want to get rid of a cysts at home, you can apply warm compress on the area to lessen it until it is gone. You would have to do this frequently in order to see results. The warm compress dilates the blood vessels and improves tissue to deliver the nutrients for repair. Most of the time, it’s a pain aesthetically because you feel like you have an infection. If you pick at it, you might! When this happens, it is important to contact your doctor to be prescribe cream for the area.


Cardio vs. Weightlifting: Which One Improves Your Metabolism?

workoutThe biggest question: What kind of exercise improves weight loss?

Technically, cardio and weights both improve your weight loss. It just depends on a persons’ opinion, experience and body goal. There will be many articles, trainers and athletic opinions that may or may not show results in your body. Therefore it depends on your body, your goal and your state of mind.

With cardio:

There have been many suggestions from people to use cardio as a beginning step to losing weight. You help train your body by increasing your heart rate and increase your intensity. The best part is, the only weight that you carry with this, is your own. There are studies that show cardio can help more than weight loss for example — a study had 119 participants on the same diet but a group performing aerobic exercises and the another with weight lifting exercises. The group who did aerobic exercises lost 1 1/2 more pounds than those who were weight lifting. Those who participated in the weight lifting exercises even stayed 45 minutes longer than those who did aerobic. Though, this does not mean that weight lifting cannot help with weight loss.

With weights:

You can use free weights or machines. The purpose of weights is to provide an add-on weight on your body for it to burn more calories. You’re tricking your body that you have extra fat to you want to burn. In result to this, not only do you lose fat but also gain muscle. Keep in mind that muscle does weight more than fat. Therefore, that scale might be the same, or it wouldn’t show any drastic changes. Another benefit when you are working on weight training is that you boost your metabolism. And that is a huge part into losing that belly fat. The weights will help reshape your body to look leaner and stronger. If that’s what you want it’s best to give weight training a try.

Keep in mind the rule of thumb is to a little bit of both. The only difference is that one exercise is using your own body weight while the other is just adding on. You would always want to start with your body weight and build-up.  When you build-up, your training your body to boost your metabolism and also your calorie intake. The more active you are the more calories you should consume in order to keep up with the energy. Though, if you change your pace so will the process.

Three Ideas to Deal With Depression & Anxiety

depressionDepression and anxiety are still listed as infamous mental health illnesses in the U.S. Nowadays people are trying to fight the stigma — trying to receive help and participate in frequent doctor visits. Even though therapy may help some others comfort themselves in daily activities. Let’s be honest, sometimes life gets the best of us. If too much is going on or if there is too much free time, you might feel overwhelmed or stressed. Here are some ways people deal with their depression and anxiety that you can try too.

  1. Art Therapy
    If you have an artistic mind, you would probably like this advice. Coloring has become a popular activity among adults. Therefore, it’s not just a child pursuit. Studies from New Zealand has concluded that adult color books has mental health benefits by calming the mind. It induces a mindful-meditative state when choosing colors and focusing on the design. It has no rules, and there is no wrong way of doing so. If you’re not into coloring, it’s okay. The practice of this therapy is not just drawing and colors – but looking at art itself.  Studies have been established that when a person stares at art, it calms the mind. So it’s time to take a cultural trip to your local art exhibit.
  2. Read or Write
    Want some alone time? If you’re the type of a person to snuggle under the covers and want to figure out a way to get the energy out of the system, you can easily escape to another world with a book in hand. What kind of genre is more attracting to you? From romance to poetry — whatever eases your mind. If reading is not your forte, you can always grab a pen. Write a mock letter to someone you love (or someone you dislike) and let all the negative energy out through your words on the piece of paper. Then, throw it out or keep it! Whether or not you want to keep the memoir of your unsent letter, its good that you release your thoughts and emotions even if its just for your eyes only.
  3. Exercise
    Run! Dance! Do Yoga! Let the blood flow through your body. We know, getting up and getting out may not seem tempting, but if you run with mother nature you’ll always be entertained. You are releasing endorphins as you exercise. It may not feel like it at first, however as you get into the motions you’ll see a shift in your emotions.

These suggestions are only a couple of other activities people can participate to release their depression and anxiety away. There are other options that are beneficial that you can take into consideration. Though if you decide to try one of these, which one would you choose?


The Baby is Coming! What You Should Know When You Are Pregnanat


Being pregnant gives you nine months to read books, do research and inform yourself about how to be a good parent for your child. However, there are many scenarios where pregnancy is a surprise. If you’re pregnant and this is your first baby, it’s okay to not know the “mommy” rules when you’re growing that baby bump. Pregnancy is confusing and there are certain measures to be taken as well as time to figure it out, but eventually, you’ll get used to it.

  1. Don’t Drink or Smoke
    This should go without being said, but hey — some people forget. Drinking can cause a various amount of birth defects and risks including spectrum disorders, stillbirth, miscarriage, and premature birth. Smoking and second-hand smoking have similar defects as drinking but it is most likely that the baby may experience low birth weight, learning issues, or sudden infant death syndrome.
  2. Don’t Paint The Nursery
    If you wanted to join your loved one in panting the nursery, think twice!  Inhaling the toxins exposed by paint is not healthy for the infant. It’s important to stay as safe as possible for the baby’s health. So just sit back, pick the colors and decor then let your spouse do all the dirty work.
  3. Don’t take hot bubble baths or sit in saunas
    It sounds nice. Though, it has a flaw. Being pregnant will eventually become a bit painful and stressful. Lighting some aromatherapy candles and running a hot and steamy bubble bath seems like it’d be the cure to fix pregnancy issues. However, an elevated body temperature can cause a certain birth defect.
  4. You Can’t Eat Everything You Use To
    Unfortunately, ladies, you cannot eat the way you’re used to eating. No matter how much FOMO you get from missing out on sushi nights with gals, you gotta do what you gotta do. This means no raw meat, no shellfish, no smoked seafood, raw eggs, or soft cheeses. We know its tempting, but it’s all worth it when that baby comes out healthily.

I know you’re probably thinking the worst right now, but guess what? Following these guidelines and many more you can find in other blogs or books, and it will be totally worth it the time.

What is Phentermine & What Does It Do For You?

drugUsually, phentermine is prescribed to people who are over 27-30 BMI. Though if you want to try it, talk to your doctor about your questions and concerns about phentermine- maybe they’ll consider it. You will have to set up an appointment to examine your body and health before you begin. They may even request blood work to see the different levels where your food is broken down into. This gives the doctor accurate information on what areas you should be working on and why you are gaining weight constantly. If this diet pill is prescribed to you, the doctor will recommend a dietary plan, which entails how many calories a day you should be eating and what types of foods you should concentrate on. With this plan, you will mostly see results in the first few weeks.

When taking phentermine, you should know it releases adrenaline. When this happens, the glucose in your body increases and the food is broken down at a rapid speed. In result, this feeling will help you want to be more active. Since the body wants to get rid of all the extra energy phentermine will trigger the mind to do something physical and be more active. It also tricks the mind that you are full — filled with food. In result to this effect, you can concentrate on the necessary nutrients needed for your body to function properly and lose weight.

Even though this is a popular weight loss drug, it does have side effects. A few of these side effects are vomiting, dizziness and headaches. It can even impact your psychological health with depression, anxiety, and aggression listed as a few aftermaths.

So how much weight will you be losing?

Well, that depends. Each body is different. The effects will depend on age, weight, diet, and activities.  Keep in mind that being prescribed phentermine is not long-term. Majority of the time it will last a few weeks, a month or even three — depending what the doctors suggest fits best for you. It is imperative to consult a medical professional before going on this diet to consume it safely and properly in order to get the best results and keep your body in a healthy state.

Morning Beach Runs: Is It Better Running With or Without Shoes?


Where would you rather go on vacation — to the city or the beach?

Majority of the people hit the islands or the beaches to soak up the sun for the summer. That’s the best way to receive natural vitamin D. Summer might even inspire you to work on that swimsuit body! Running is the usual go-to exercise people choose to lose weight, gain stamina and stay fit year-round. For this season, many people decide to run on the beach. Before you question it – consider it to have multiple benefits. You’re running in the fresh air, gathering up vitamins and you’re sculpting your body at the same time.

Yet, some people run with shoes and some people run barefoot. Which option is better? Technically both are acceptable. It just depends if you’re experienced or not.

First thing is first, you have to keep in mind that running on sand is different than running on pavement. The sand itself is not stable ground. It will be different for each step. You may also encounter a lot of seaweed, seashells and other unwanted surprises on the beach from past beach-goers (maybe even see a jellyfish on the ground). Therefore, it’s not all just a view of paradise. You do have to be aware of the path you are running on.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to wear shoes. Any pair of running shoes is perfectly fine. Though, if you want to keep the sand away from your socks, it’s best to invest in a closed-mesh shoe. There are other shoes that can also help with the grip because believe it or not and can get slippery. If you want to start running barefoot, train yourself. Start by going for a short run (10-15 minutes) before you go the distance. There are pros and cons to running on barefoot, and one of the cons is causing an injury.

That’s unfortunate, we know. That’s why you take it step-by-step for your feet muscles adapt to the new circumstances.

Running barefooted might lead to ankles sprains and achilles injuries because your feet are getting any support. Since the sand is within a soft surface, it has the ability to stretch your muscles longer. Though, you are also running in a natural range of motion, which results in strengthening your feet and ankles.

Even though you can run, either way, the better option would be with shoes on. It will give you the support needed when putting pressure on your body and prevent any injury you may come across.