Can I Crack My Own Back?
A man with back pain.

Can I Crack My Own Back?

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It seems like everyone has back problems. These could be temporary or even long term. Many people decide to take this up on their own and attempt to give themselves a chiropractic adjustment by watching some videos online. Instead of doing this, more people should be turning to chiropractic care instead.

The spine is strong but the spinal cord, which is housed inside of the spine is fragile. The spinal cord is busy with the neurotransmissions that enable feeling, movement and brain-body coordination. The brain sends signals down the spine to all of your vital organs and tissues. The spine gives you strength and balance to support that nervous system to keep your body healthy and functional.

The spine has 33 bones, each one sitting on top of another. These bones have soft cushioning tissues known as discs between them. These discs help with support. The spinal bones also have articulating joints linking them to other bones via cartilages. Between the spinal bones and discs passes a network of nerves that link back and forth between the body and the spinal cord to the brain. Back pain often happens when these nerves develop interference by being pinched. Since the nerves are responsible for signal transmission to and from the brain, damage or disruption can block vital communications with the brain, which can lead to tingling, numbness and reduced mobility.

Cracking your own back comes with good feelings and instant gratification but can lead to detrimental effects without the specificity of a chiropractic adjustment. It mimics the spinal manipulation therapy done by trained chiropractors but it’s not the same thing. When a chiropractor adjusts your back, they are making very specific movements to get your spine realigned and mobilized. Sometimes there are “cracking” sounds that go along with this but the spinal adjustment happens whether you hear the cracking sound or not. They also have many other therapies to call on in addition to spinal adjustments.

Cracking your back is not the same as chiropractic care and it is often unsafe. Chiropractors spend 4 to 5 years studying how your spine works and have years of experience working on patients. If done by these professionals, spinal adjustments can be very healthy and beneficial. But doing it yourself at home is dangerous. You can pull or twist your spinal vertebrae out of place and it’s very likely you won’t even be able to tell which vertebrae need adjustment. When self-cracking goes wrong, a simple back-cracking routine can lead to severe back problems like herniated discs and nerve compression.

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