Can You Read Your Pee?
A Urine Chart to help decipher what the color of your pee means.

Can You Read Your Pee?

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Well, can you?

If you can’t, that’s fine. It’s totally normal not think to much about your urine. However, if you ever wondered how healthy your body is on the inside – the color, smell and how many times you go can determine the status of your insides. Naturally we always think of pee as yellow. Even though that’s normal, clear urine means your good on your fluids. What happens if the color is green, red or even pink? Should you take it seriously? Some yes, others no.

Here are a few famous urine colors and the meaning behind them so you know what your body is telling you.

1. Pink or Red: In one part of the spectrum, having a pinkish or redish color means you have been eating a lot of pink/red color foods. For example, eating a lot of beets will make your pee pink. However, if you see a red color tint in your urine you may want to call a doctor. This may be blood coming out of your system. This may be a sign of kidney or bladder infections. It can also indicate if there are kidney stones, which are always painful.

2. Green: There is a good green and bad green. You would have to go with the smell. If you recently had asparagus and peed out green urine, you can actually smell the asparagus. Way to go on eating healthy. Unfortunately, if the toilet is filled with green tea and you smell an unwanted order – you might be dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI). A UTI may also come with pain when you pee. Therefore, call a medical professional to receive help.

3. White or Milky: This is not anywhere close to having clear urine. You should be concern if you see milk-like liquid inside your toilet. This may mean you have taken an exceeding amount of minerals or protein. This too is a sign of a UTI. It can also be a sign of an STI and diabetes.

With all this toilet talk, we hope you have learned a thing or too with what your body is telling you. So next time you sit on that toilet, keep in mind this is the time your urine is speaking to you.

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