Path Medical celebrates National Chiropractic Health Month.

Path Medical Celebrates National Chiropractic Health Month

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October is National Chiropractic Health Month, to help raise awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care and its natural, patient-centered and drug-free approach to health and wellness. During this month, we strive to educate consumers about the benefits of chiropractic services to help them reach optimal levels of health and wellness. During National Chiropractic Health Month, chiropractors nationwide are encouraging …

A teacher teaching a virtual class.

How Chiropractic Can Help Teachers

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Returning back to school for the new school year is a stressful time for parents and students. This is especially true during the pandemic, but have you thought about how stressful it could be for teachers? Teachers are spending more hours than ever hunched over a desk, lesson-planning and teaching virtually, which can take a toll on their spine. Back …

A male sitting on the sidewalk looking at his phone.

Preventing Text Neck

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A good portion of Americans own a smart phone and 81% of those Americans send and receive text messages. On average, smart phone users receive 72 messages per day and spend around 5 hours a day looking at their phone.1 The more messages we receive, the more our necks are taking a hit. The strain coming from overusing our smart …

A female who has a major tension headache.

Chiropractic Care to Get Rid of Headaches

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Chances are, you or someone you know have fallen victim to a headache in the past year. If you have, you’re not alone – nearly 50 percent of the population reports having experienced at least one headache every year, many of whom deal with dozens and dozens more.1 If you’ve ever experienced a headache you know how distracting and debilitating …

Path Medical performing chiropractic exercises.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Chiropractic Treatment

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As is the case with many “alternative medicines,” there is a ton of misinformation out there about chiropractic treatment. In order to help you sift through some of this, we’ve compiled a short list of the biggest misconceptions about chiropractic care. Here are the three biggest myths: It’s Expensive Chiropractic care often offers a more cost effective approach to managing …

A female pregnant with a baby.

Pregnant and at the Chiropractor’s Office

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During your pregnancy, things can get a bit tricky as your body is slowly preparing itself to get the baby out when the time is ready. The hormones within your body are kicked into overdrive to help relax your ligaments to get the baby’s head down and out. Through this process, your spine and lower body are being subjected to many …

A male with neck pain getting checked out.

4 Reasons Why People Visit Chiropractors

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Many are aware that chiropractic assistance is needed after slip and falls, car accidents and your typical aches and pains from everyday life. Did you know that their treatment goes a lot further than that? Here are four reasons to visit a chiropractor: Pregnancy: The body is thrown off-balance because of the weight distribution. Through chiropractic help, women are assisted …

A woman holding her wrist due to Arthritis.

4 Ways To Prevent Arthritis

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The risks of developing arthritis can’t be completely avoided but there are certain methods and practices that can fend it off for as long as possible. Arthritis is a result of cartilage wearing away which leads to bones and joints rubbing against each other. It’s a painful situation to be in but there are certain practices you can employ to …

A female holding her wrist giving her wrist a massage.

3 Tips For Massaging Your Sore Wrists

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Whether it’s typing, playing tennis or any other number of activities, working your wrist for an extended period of time can lead to pain in your wrists. Left unchecked, the soreness and inflammation in your wrists can become chronic, often ending up with a diagnosis of the uncomfortable and painful carpal tunnel syndrome. When inflammation and soreness occurs, your first reaction …

A hand holding a mobile, cell phone, smart phone

3 Ways to Deal With “Text Claw”

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If you spend an extended period of time on your phone, scrolling through timelines, liking photos and sending messages, you’ve probably experienced “text claw.” Defined as “the pain you get throughout your wrist and hands after constant use,” text claw isn’t an official medical diagnosis but most people have experience with the feeling. After constant use, your wrist can feel …