A man receiving Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis.

Can Chiropractic Help Scoliosis

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Chiropractic care is a great way to treat scoliosis. About 3% of the U.S. population has some form of scoliosis – some who are born with it, and some who get scoliosis as they age. About 90% of scoliosis patients have a spinal curvature that is not severe enough to require surgery, yet is extremely painful because of how it …

A man who has back pain after hiking.

Back Pain Prevention and Treatment

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Back pain is a fact of life for many people. Research shows that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lives. It is also one of the most common reasons for visits to the doctor’s office (1). Sometimes back pain is sharp and intense, caused by a wrong movement or an injury, …

A man with back pain.

Can I Crack My Own Back?

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It seems like everyone has back problems. These could be temporary or even long term. Many people decide to take this up on their own and attempt to give themselves a chiropractic adjustment by watching some videos online. Instead of doing this, more people should be turning to chiropractic care instead. The spine is strong but the spinal cord, which …

A man who has neck pain.

How to Treat Neck Pain

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Neck pain affects almost everyone at some point, and it can also be accompanied by headaches. Even the slightest activities that involve movement of the neck can cause pain. This pain can affect everyone differently – some may experience pain in one part of their neck or head, or behind their eyes, while others may experience a pounding sensation. Pain …

Two cars who have just been in a car accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

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Vehicle accidents are an unfortunate reality of driving. Any time you hit the road, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting in an accident with another driver. While there are plenty of ways to drive safely and protect yourself from getting in an accident, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to prevent an accident. Even though it might not …

A teacher teaching her class room.

Chiropractic Care for Teachers

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Returning back to school for the new school year is a stressful time for parents and students. Teaching is tough on the body. Back pain is fairly common among teachers. Most people don’t even realize how physically demanding teaching is as a profession. Teachers are starting the school day even earlier than before and leaving later in the day. On …

A group of kids with their bookbags.

Back to School Backpack Safety Tips

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We are nearing the back-to-school season, and kids will be loading up their new backpacks with all of their important school supplies. Backpacks might seem harmless enough, but many do not appreciate the risks associated with these school-day accessories. Lately, many doctors and therapists are noticing that children are developing back problems from backpacks that are too heavy for the …

The inside of an airplane.

How to Avoid Back Pain While Traveling

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Vacations and travel are really exciting parts of summer. This is a time for exploring and spending time with family and friends. It can be hard to avoid back pain when traveling. Lower back pain after long car rides or airplane rides is due to the constant sitting and lack of movement. Learning to manage this problem is necessary if …

A group of men and woman running.

Chiropractic Care for Runners

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Did you know that people who run will suffer some kind of injury at some point while running? Injuries of the knee are the most common, but injuries that affect other areas of the body occur as well. There are many simple ways to prevent these injuries. You want to make sure you wear the correct shoes for running, and …