A man who has neck pain after a car accident.

Chiropractic Treatments to Accelerate Car Accident Recovery

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As you may know from experience, being involved in a car wreck can be an incredibly traumatizing experience, forcing those who were involved to recover physically and emotionally, but they may be left without knowing the best resources that can help them bounce back quickly. Chiropractic care offers holistic and non-invasive methods to speed up car accident recovery time. Due …

A woman pouring oil for a massage.

Chiropractic Massage Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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If you are dealing with stress and anxiety, a chiropractic massage may help you. The art of massage takes a mental wellness approach to healing. Since ancient times, massage has been instrumental in calming down the mind to clarity. The entire process of relieving physical and mental stress on the body facilitates the healing process. Massage is the science and …

A man grilling.

Correct Posture Tips for Grilling

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Summer is in full swing and that means beach days, swimming in the pool, and firing up the grill. You think you may have already mastered the grill, but you need to also think about your posture to help prevent back pain while you’re having fun on the weekends. You may think you can’t do much damage in the time …

A man with major back pain.

Simple Remedies for Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common physical ailments. According to Harvard Health, 80 percent of people will experience lower back pain sometime in their life. That’s a lot of people suffering from that sharp ache that hinders us from moving too fast or regularly going about our day. However, sometimes you can treat nagging pain and discomfort on …

A man holding his wrist due to wrist pain.

Chiropractic Care for Hands and Wrist

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Most of us use our hands and wrists constantly to make our day happen at home and at work. We may spend long periods at home and work using hands, wrists and thumbs to text and type. Instead of taking over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers that can lead to other health problems and side effects, you can visit a chiropractor …

A photo showing the spin of a human.

Chiropractic Tips for Better Posture

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How often do you think about your posture? Do you catch yourself slouching and immediately try to fix it to only return to slouching five minutes later? Maintaining good posture can be difficult, especially if the majority of your day is spent sitting in front of a screen. We do not consciously maintain our posture; instead, certain muscles do it …

A woman with jaw pain.

Chiropractic Care and TMJ Relief

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Although all joints in the body are important, the temporomandibular joint is really important because you use it all the time, even if you don’t know what it is. The temporomandibular joint is what moves your jaw. You use this joint to chew your food and talk. With as much use as it gets, problems with it can be debilitating. …

A man who's stressed out and under stress.

Chiropractic Care for Stress and Anxiety Relief

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If you’re dealing with depression and/or anxiety, chiropractic care may help. Chiropractic care involves a mind-body approach that favors adjusting physical symptoms in order to improve mental ones. A chiropractor is well-equipped to take a holistic approach to your mental health, looking at all possible ways to make you feel better. Most people assume chiropractic care can only help with …

A woman with shoulder pain.

Chiropractic Care and Shoulder Joints

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The shoulder joint can be a source of pain, and injuries to that area can limit your daily activities in a significant way. Full shoulder motion is required for many activities that we perform on a daily basis. Yet many people pay little attention to shoulder health until they aren’t working like they should be. Each shoulder contains two joints …