A woman with neck pain from a face mask.

Prevent Neck Pain Caused By Your Mask

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Wearing masks have become the new normal—it has also literally become “a pain in the neck”. Those of us required to wear masks for prolonged periods of time often start to feel pain and discomfort around the neck, jaw, and head. Chiropractors believe the reason behind the pain is that masks can limit the lower field of vision—particularly if they …

A football team playing on a football field and winning.

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Athletes

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People often think chiropractic care is either best served for people dealing with the aftereffects of a car accident, a slip and fall accident or the consequences of a life spent sitting at their work desks. While those are three situations that can be greatly improved with chiropractic care, athletes stand to benefit as much if not more than any …

A male climbing stairs with knee pain.

Joint Health

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Human joints come in many shapes and sizes and allow us to move and carry out normal activities of daily living. Commonly injured joints include the knees, shoulders, ankles and spine. How do joints work? Joints are designed to withstand the loads placed on them and provide a full range of motion. Each joint is made up of at least …

A chiropractor helping a patient out with treatment.

4 Conditions Treatable By Chiropractic Care

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You might think chiropractors are only able to help with back aches, stiff necks, slipped discs and whiplash injuries. If so, you’re not alone – but you’re missing out. Chiropractors treat conditions related to your body’s structure. Their goal is to relieve pain and improve function. They don’t prescribe drugs or do surgery. Rather, they adjust or manipulate your spine …

A chiropractor helping a patient out with services.

When Should You See A Chiropractor

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Sometimes when we feel pain or feel sick, we often resort to doing what we often do to feel better, but sometimes that isn’t always the case. A pain reliever to help relieve our symptoms isn’t the best solution rather than treating the cause of the problem. Chiropractic care is a safe, noninvasive treatment option providing you with relief from …

A chiropractor helping a patient out with her neck.

Chiropractic Stretches for your Neck and Shoulder

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When it comes to treating neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and discomfort, many people would rather seek treatment from a chiropractor than take pain killers and muscle relaxants. Medications like these simply mask the issue, while quality chiropractic care can deal directly with the causes of your problem. In addition to your chiropractic treatment performing stretches can help relieve the …

A chiropractor showing a spine to a patient.

Chiropractic Benefits in 2021

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2020 was rough for a lot of people, so why not do different things in 2021. Most people will include losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle for their New Year’s resolutions. 2021 is the year to focus on your health and wellness. Chiropractic care should be one on your resolution list too. Here are some reasons why you should …

A car hit a tree.

Chiropractic Care Following Car Accidents

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Chiropractic care after a car accident can be more than just helpful; depending on the injuries received, it could be crucial. For instance, if you have back pain or neck pain after being involved in a car accident, this could mean you have a spinal or whiplash injury. Not getting proper care after a car accident can lead to longer …

A woman working from home near a window.

How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain When Working from Home

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The COVID pandemic has changed a lot in this world. In the beginning of the pandemic, stay-home orders for non-essential workers were common and because of this the number of those working from home has grown considerably. Today, people find themselves working on the sofa or lying in bed, hunched over laptops and tablets to complete their work. Though you …

An older couple kissing each other.

Fall Prevention

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With aging, bodily systems that keep us balanced and standing upright will require more awareness. You no longer may see or hear as well, which may affect your coordination. Nerves that carry information from your brain to your muscles may deteriorate, slowing down your reaction time and making it more difficult to walk around oncoming pedestrians. Normal declines in muscle …