A person walking on the sidewalk in a park.

How to Burn Extra Calories Throughout The Day

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Today’s busy work life makes it easier to sit for long hours and more difficult to get up and get moving. On average, adults are not getting the adequate amount of exercise they should be in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We rounded up a few tips and small habit changes that you can start implementing today …

A man stretching on track field.

Is Stretching Necessary?

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Our bodies are constantly in motion, and in order to age well and stay healthy for as long as possible, we need to treat our bodies with care. Staying active, practicing mental relaxation techniques, and eating a balanced diet all form part of a well rounded and healthy lifestyle. Did you know that stretching is an essential part of keeping …

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Best Techniques to Relieve Muscle Tension

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Muscle tension is a common but not normal condition experienced by many adults in today’s fast-paced world. It is caused when muscles contract and do not release, and is often a result of high levels of stress or overuse. If prolonged, muscle tension can lead to pain throughout the body, tightness, and tension headaches. The good news is that there …

Two women working out performing box jumps.

What is HIIT?

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HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, a style of training has been on trend for the last few years, and for good reason. HIIT workouts are designed to last only a few minutes (about 30 minutes or less) while exerting an all-out effort during short bursts of time throughout the session. The reason this method of exercise is highly effective …

A woman displaying a yoga position.

Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

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The increased ease of communication has made people’s lives much busier than before, and it’s no surprise that many are seeking out a way to slow down and quiet the mind in the midst of the fast-paced world we live in. Yoga, the practice of incorporating breathing, meditation, and posture techniques, has found its way into the routines of many …

A woman working out on a yoga mat doing crunches.

The Three Pillars of Exercise (And Their Benefits)

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We all know the importance of exercise as we’ve heard it time and time again. In order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with minimal health issues, we need to implement regular exercise in our routines. The pros go beyond physical well-being as exercising has also been proven to help keep our mental health in check. Did you know that physical …

A man swimming laps in a pool.

What is Low Impact Exercise?

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Did you know that different types of exercises may have more or less impact on your bones and joints? For people with joints conditions or injuries, certain types of exercises may be more difficult or even impossible to do. For this reason, experts recommend trying out low impact exercise in order to stay active and avoid increased pain or risking …

An elderly woman stretching in her living room.

Benefits of Stretching

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Stretching is an important part of physical and mental health that is often overlooked. Whether you are an athlete, a newfound fitness enthusiast, or someone who doesn’t exercise at all, stretching is an activity that should be incorporated into your daily routine for better overall health. The best part is it doesn’t have to be time-consuming activity in order to …

A plastic heart to show the different parts of it.

How Exercising Benefits Heart Health

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When we exercise we typically work to lose body fat and improve muscle composition. The heart, like other muscles, also needs to be exercised in order to stay healthy for as long as possible. Although most people believe that tough exercise is required in order to maintain a healthy heart, that’s actually not the case. According to research, 150 minutes …

A runner stretching before a run.

Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching

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As young kids we were taught to always stretch at the beginning of P.E. class in order to prepare our bodies for the physical activities that were to come next. Although the idea of stretching was not wrong in principle, the type of stretching we were taught was. That’s because there are different forms of stretching, dynamic and static, and …