A woman pouring sunscreen on her hand.

Sunscreen Tips to Help Protect Your Skin in the Sun

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The summer is the perfect time to enjoy some fun in the sun with your friends and family, but the sun can be harmful to your skin if you don’t use proper protection. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun (and even from tanning beds) can cause injury to skin cells that result in damaged DNA and can lead to skin …

A woman working at home from her home office.

How to Be Healthy While Working From Home

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People began working from home due to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than half of America’s workforce was working from home at the pandemic’s height with some companies planning to continue once there was a return to some level of normalcy. But there are many ways you must be more careful in treating your body while taking …

A student carrying a bookbag.

Backpack Safety Tips for Back to School

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We are nearing the back-to-school season, and kids will be loading up their new backpacks with all of their important school supplies. Backpacks might seem harmless enough, but many do not appreciate the risks associated with these school-day accessories. Lately, many doctors and therapists are noticing that children are developing back problems from backpacks that are too heavy for the …

A man driving a car on a road trip.

Driving tips to Help Alleviate Back Pain

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There’s no way around it, people are spending longer and longer in their vehicles. Add to that leisure activities such as road trips in lieu of flying, you’re going to experience back pain that can result from spending too much time in the car. Many drivers have poor posture, and being behind the wheel for so long in one position …

A woman pouring sunscreen from a bottle.

Protect Your Skin in the Sun

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The summer is the perfect time to enjoy some fun in the sun with your friends and family, but the sun can be harmful to your skin if you don’t use proper protection. Skin cancer can be caused by injury to skin cells that result in damaged DNA, due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from tanning beds or from the sun. …

A picture of the ocean.

How Is Salt Water Good For You?

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When you think of salt water, do you think of its wonderful benefits it can give your body and beauty? It may even be a great alternative in some of your daily hygiene routine. Though, we know what you’re thinking when you see “salt water”. The ocean. The ocean is filled with it (naturally, which is always the best). So …

Two kids playing a video game.

Preventing Video Game Injuries

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This year for the holidays more than ever, a lot of people will be receiving a brand new video game system. Even though we might not think it, we must set time limits to prevent video game injuries. Some children now experience the same types of aches and pains as their parents get from sitting at a desk all day. …

Holiday lights hung on a garland.

How to Get Through the Holiday Season Healthy

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The holidays are officially here. This year, the holidays might look a little different because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we should fall out of our routine and put our health on the back burner. This year, we need to keep it simple and stick to the basics. The truth is that a lot of holiday parties and …

A person carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

Tips to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving might be the only holiday where overeating isn’t frowned upon, but just because we can overeat doesn’t mean we should. Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to celebrate with loved ones and show our gratitude. Thanksgiving is also about the food. It’s a night of feasting and enjoying some of your favorite Thanksgiving dinner favorites. While it’s okay to enjoy …