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How to Stay Healthy and Motivated in the New Year

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With a new year comes a realm of possibilities for new beginnings. Although many people make New Year’s promises and resolutions they can’t keep, there are plenty who look back at the end of the year and realize they have accomplished far more than they planned to. Setting a goal or intention for the new year doesn’t have to be …

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Tips on How to Have A Healthier Christmas

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Christmas, along with Thanksgiving is known as a time to spend with friends and family but also a time to indulge. This doesn’t mean you should overindulge, but it is ok to enjoy all of the festivities without too much impact on your health. Here are some tips on how to have a healthier Christmas: Don’t Sit Down All Day …

Wellness Tips for Black Friday

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Tradition in the United States basically says the day after we feast on Thanksgiving, we go out shopping. That day is known as Black Friday. You’ve already been getting notifications in your inbox or even holiday catalogs in the mail. This is a big day for a lot of people and retailers. Black Friday brings people out early in the …

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Breast Cancer During COVID-19

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Many people that have been infected with COVID-19 might have had mild to moderate respiratory symptoms and recover without requiring any kind of special treatment or hospitalization. Some people might not have any symptoms at all. But people that have breast cancer or are in treatment for breast cancer may be at higher risk for serious complications due to COVID-19. …

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Strategies for Stress Relief

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We all carry a little more stress than normal due to the pandemic these days, but too much stress can backfire on us and cause anxiety, depression and other problems. Once you understand who you are, recognize major struggles, put them in perspective, you can take action and help deal with stress. Here are some strategies to help improve the …

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Prevent Aches & Pains on Your Next Road Trip

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COVID-19 has certainly changed many aspects of our lives including the way we travel. Now, many Americans are choosing to go on road trips within their states or even out of state to avoid crowded airplanes and take a much needed vacation during this pandemic. Whether traveling in a vehicle or on an airplane, traveling is rough on our bodies. …

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Posture Tips for Working at Home

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So many people are working from home now due to the pandemic and at the same time we are developing musculoskeletal pain. Postural imbalance is one of the most common reasons patients seek help from chiropractors. There are different things we can do to help reduce the stress on the body and improve our posture while working from home. Here …

Spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and clove.

How to Fight Inflammation in the Body

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What is Inflammation? Inflammation is a natural process our body goes through, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, inflammation is what helps our system through the healing process as it fights against anything that may be harming it including injuries, diseases, and infections. While inflammation is a good, natural process, it can also become a chronic issue. …

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Common Causes of Back Pain

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Many Americans suffer from ongoing back pain and the unfortunate thing is that they either ignore it or are completely unaware of the cause. While living with back pain can be difficult, many of the root causes can actually be reversed if the correct steps are taken. The important thing is to analyze what type of pain you are feeling …

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How to Burn Extra Calories Throughout The Day

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Today’s busy work life makes it easier to sit for long hours and more difficult to get up and get moving. On average, adults are not getting the adequate amount of exercise they should be in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We rounded up a few tips and small habit changes that you can start implementing today …