A sign saying hurricane season is ahead.

Hurricane Guide 2022

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Hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs until Nov. 30. Last year there were 21 named storms, and was the third most active hurricane season on record. This year forecasters expect 19 storms so they’re calling for another active year. Storm names for 2022 are Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Martin, Nicole, …

A man who has lower back pain.

Ice vs. Heat for Injuries

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Life can be a challenge when you strain a muscle, suffer from a headache, or wrench your back. In the event of an injury, which is better treatment: ice or heat? There is some understandable confusion regarding when to use ice vs heat for injuries. Acute Injuries In the case of acute injuries, which are less than six weeks old, …

A bunch of cells together.

Everything You Need to Know about Biden’s Cancer ‘Moon Shot’

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The Cancer Moon Shot is about to be relaunched. President Joe Biden announced that he is reigniting the initiative that he spearheaded when he was vice-president during the Obama administration. The plan is to bring a sense of urgency to the fight against cancer and better support to cancer patients and their families. The aim is to reduce the death …

The inside cabin of a airplane.

Keep Your Holiday Travels Safe and Comfortable

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The holidays are here, and that often includes holiday travel. Traveling can be rough on our bodies, leaving us stressed, stiff and sore, or even physically ill. Traveling Long Distances If you are planning on traveling long distances, sitting for long periods of time can be damaging for your body. Here are some times to help you avoid aches and …

A family cheers during Christmas Eve dinner.

How to Listen to Your Body and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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For most Americans the holidays are a mixed bag of fun with the added stress of obligations and overspending. When you try to manage a health issue to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the last two months of the year can go from a season of anticipation to one of exasperation. It’s never a good time for a …

A man who has muscle pain.

Can Stress Cause Muscle and Joint Pain?

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The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many Americans. People are experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever before. What may not be as apparent to some is how that stress is affecting their muscles and joints. During stressful times the body secretes cortisol, epinephrine and other brain chemicals that can cause our muscles to tighten, …

A woman shopping in a mall.

What are Some Wellness Tips for Black Friday Shopping?

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Tradition in the United States basically says the day after we feast on Thanksgiving, we go out shopping. That day is known as Black Friday. You’ve already been getting notifications in your inbox or even holiday catalogs in the mail. This is a big day for a lot of people and retailers. Black Friday brings people out early in the …

A breast cancer survivor holding a pink ribbon.

Things You May Not Have Heard from Your Doctor About Breast Cancer

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It can be difficult for others to understand what you’re feeling without going through it themselves. When it comes to breast cancer, your medical team can provide you with a wealth of expert medical advice. But when it comes to the actual experience, some insight may be better understood by talking to other women who have walked the breast cancer …

Kids in the park being strong.

Ways to Keep Kids Healthy During the School Year

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School is a place where kids learn and grow, develop social skills, and become independent individuals. It can also be a place where they pick up germs and illnesses and bring them home. At school, children spend a lot of time in classrooms where they can easily transfer infections to one another. But by helping kids establish some important habits, …