A male giving Physical Therapy to a patient.

Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: The Back

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Chronic back pain is the bane of your existence? There are many tried and true remedies to help reduce the stressful feeling in your back. Some you may have heard of, others you may not. Here are some recommended tips on dealing with that agonizing pain: Heat Therapy When heat is applied to a sore back it has the potential …

A stressful woman alone in a room

Sinus Headaches vs. Tension Headaches: Know the Difference

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We’ve all experienced headaches at some point or another, but did you know that there might be an underlying cause to these headaches? Many of us assume that it may be a tension headache, an over reacting sinus issue. Knowing what to look for to differentiate the two may help you find the right treatment for your pain. Sinus Headaches: …

Closeup of a black person's muscular arm

Origins of Electronic Muscle Stimulation

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Electro-stimulation dates back to centuries ago when Egyptians and Greeks used certain types of fish to emit electrical discharge. These electrical charges were often used to treat pain. The electro-stimulation experiments came back into study when an 18th-century scientist, by the name of Galvani, noticed that a frogs nerve muscles responded to electronic stimulation. Galvani’s nephew later demonstrated the use …

Elderly man having a knee injury

How to Treat a Knee Sprain

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A knee sprain is an injury to the ligaments in the knee, which are the tough, elastic-like bands in the knee that connect your bones together and hold your joints in place. A sprain can affect many of the ligaments in your knee by tearing the fibers of the tissues, which usually causes pain, swelling, and bruising. If you have …

A man holding his elbow because of tendonitis

What Exactly Is Tendonitis Anyway?

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Chances are you’ve heard of someone who’s had tendonitis. Because it can afflict anyone in any of several different parts of the body, it’s a common complaint and seen in every segment of the population. By definition, tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons in your body. Most patients who are diagnosed with tendonitis often report having engaged in repetitive motions …