Chiropractic Adjustment Side Effects


After your first time visiting a chiropractor, you may experience cold-like symptoms, fatigue, or even headaches. This is not to say that chiropractic care makes you sick, but rather, it is a side effect occurring for 20% of first-timers noted in the chiropractic community as a toxic release. The cold-like symptoms that may be experiencing are your nervous system’s response to the adjustment. The good news is that the side effects are only temporary as your body adapts.

After a few adjustments, chiropractic care can boost immunity. By realigning the spine, the immune system is relieved of tension and gains the strength to fight off viruses. Digestion may also be improved with regular visits to the chiropractor. With adjustments performed on an improperly aligned vertebrae, nerves in the thoracic spine will work appropriately, eliminating stomach issues.

A chiropractic connection has been linked with reducing asthmatic symptoms courtesy of spinal adjustments. By correcting misalignment of the spine, the respiratory system functions accordingly, reducing asthma issues. In addition to adjustments supporting good posture, the body’s vital organs are restored- especially the lungs. With healthy lungs comes a decreased risk for an asthma attack in patients who have previously suffered. All of these examples and more are considered side effects. With some good and some temporarily bad, find out today if chiropractic care is the solution for you.

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