Chiropractic Care for Teachers
A teacher teaching her class room.

Chiropractic Care for Teachers

pathmedical Chiropractic Care

Returning back to school for the new school year is a stressful time for parents and students. Teaching is tough on the body. Back pain is fairly common among teachers. Most people don’t even realize how physically demanding teaching is as a profession. Teachers are starting the school day even earlier than before and leaving later in the day. On top of teaching, they also have to spend hours developing activities, creating session plans, writing and grading tests and more. Teaching requires a lot of talking and standing. Teachers have physical and emotional stress that leave teachers with aching backs, aching bodies and aching heads. The parts of the body most impacted for teachers are the shoulders, wrists and back, but pain in the knees, feet and legs are also common.

Studies show that chiropractic can be a very effective treatment for all the demands teaching brings. Chiropractic adjustments help remove joint restrictions so the body can heal properly and function properly. The professionals at Path Medical can also advise on proper exercises and stretches to decrease pain and risk of injury. A spinal manipulation treatment can help bring the spine and body into proper alignment. Chiropractic not only helps relieve back pain, but helps prevent it as well.

This allows the patient to gain whole body benefits from chiropractic.

• Improved mental clarity and cognitive function
• Healthier posture
• Improved quality of sleep
• Stronger immune system
• Fewer migraines and headaches
• Healthier spine

If you’re a teacher, chiropractic care is one of the best ways you can be good to yourself… and you deserve it.

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