Chiropractic Skepticism


Many mysteries and skepticism arise when the term chiropractic care is announced.

“It doesn’t fix anything.”

“You have to go continuously, no adjustment is permanent.”

And the most infamous phrase of all, “they’re not real doctors.”

The last one is comparing apples to oranges- chiropractors are doctors of chiropractic care, but they are not medical doctors. Chiropractors deal with your physiology but have also studied anatomy in the same way a medical doctor would have. Medical doctors deal with medicine to treat illnesses, chiropractors deal with your body to treat your mind’s response to pain as well as keeping the nervous system protected. While it is true that you should have a standing appointment with your chiropractor, it is for good reason. Chiropractors help train your body to readjust in a way that will relieve tension, stretch you, all while helping straighten posture, scoliosis and many more. Chiropractic care is maintenance until your physiology adapts to the adjustments and changes which have been taught to you by your chiropractor. So, while it may not ‘fix’ anything, that is because it helps fix your body, and the rest is up to you and how you adapt to the changes.

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