Chiropractic Treatments to Accelerate Car Accident Recovery
A man who has neck pain after a car accident.

Chiropractic Treatments to Accelerate Car Accident Recovery

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As you may know from experience, being involved in a car wreck can be an incredibly traumatizing experience, forcing those who were involved to recover physically and emotionally, but they may be left without knowing the best resources that can help them bounce back quickly. Chiropractic care offers holistic and non-invasive methods to speed up car accident recovery time.

Due to the physical stress that a wreck can cause to someone’s neck, joints and extremities, many people look to an expert when they have a sore body after a car accident. Here are chiropractic treatments that can help you recover from car accident injuries:

Whiplash – A common injury that individuals suffer after a wreck is whiplash. In the beginning stage of whiplash, the chiropractor will focus on reducing the inflammation within the neck. The chiropractor will use therapy modalities such as ultrasound. Whiplash treatment may also involve manual therapy techniques and gentle stretching.

Not only will a chiropractor provide whiplash treatment, but he or she may also make recommendations to help speed up the recovery process. For example, the chiropractor may identify the need for a light neck support or to apply ice packs to help reduce the inflammation. Once the pain and inflammation within the neck diminishes, the chiropractor can begin applying spinal manipulation and other techniques to help restore regular function to the joints in the neck.

Spinal Rehabilitation – While spinal rehabilitation or manipulation is a common treatment for whiplash, it is also performed to help treat other injuries. Spinal manipulation involves three different techniques: the flexion-distraction technique, the instrument-assisted technique, and the specific spinal manipulation technique.

Here is some information about each of these techniques:

Flexion-distraction technique: This technique is hands-on and involves gentle spinal manipulation to treat bulging or herniated discs, which could be caused or aggravated by a whiplash injury. In order to reduce pain and inflammation, the chiropractor will use a slow pumping action on the herniated disc.

Instrument-assisted manipulation: This technique is also gentle and non-thrusting. In this technique, a chiropractor uses a specialized hand-held tool to apply force to the spine without thrusting. This technique is most suitable for older patients who have been involved in a car accident yet also suffer from a degenerative joint syndrome.

Specific spinal manipulation: The chiropractor will identify spinal joints with abnormal or restricted motion, then apply a gentle thrusting technique to restore normal motion to the joint. This thrusting technique is effective because it stretches the soft tissue and triggers the nervous system to restore normal motion to joints in the spine.

Manual Therapy: Besides spinal manipulation, chiropractors will also use manual therapy to treat injured muscles and ligaments to accelerate car accident recovery. Some examples of manual therapy techniques include therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, along with manual joint stretching and resistance techniques.

Electrical Stimulation: Interferential electrical stimulation, which involves the use of a weak electrical current to stimulate the muscles and reduce inflammation, is another common chiropractic treatment to help manage car accident injuries.

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