Common Neck Pain Symptoms
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Common Neck Pain Symptoms

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Neck pain affects almost everyone at some point, and it can also be accompanied by headaches. Even the slightest activities that involve movement of the neck can cause pain. This pain can affect everyone differently – some may experience pain in one part of their neck or head, or behind their eyes, while others may experience a pounding sensation. Pain can last from a few minutes to days and can also cause nausea.

Neck pain and the headaches that ensue can come from a variety of conditions – and research has indicated that chiropractic adjustments can be very effective for treating this type of pain.

Common symptoms associated with neck pain usually involves one or more of the following:

Stiff neck. Soreness and difficulty moving the neck, especially when trying to turn the head from side to side.

Sharp pain. This symptom can be pain localized to one spot and might feel like its stabbing or stinging. Often, this type of pain occurs in the lower levels of the neck.

General soreness. The pain is mostly in one spot or area on the neck, and its described as tender or achy, not sharp.

Radiating pain. The pain can radiate along a nerve from the neck into the shoulders and arms. The intensity can vary and this nerve pain might feel like its burning or searing.

Tingling, numbness, or weakness. These sensations can go beyond the neck and radiate into the shoulder, arm or finger. There could be a pins-and-needles” sensation. Typically, pain that radiates down the arm is felt in only one arm, not both.

Trouble with gripping or lifting objects. This can happen if tingling, numbness, or weakness in the fingers is present.

Headaches. Sometimes an irritation in the neck can also affect muscles and nerves connected to the head. This could be a tension headache, such as from neck muscles tightening; or occipital neuralgia, where a pinched occipital nerve in the neck causes pain to radiate up into the heads sides and scalp.

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