Do Baseball Players Need Chiropractic Care?
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Do Baseball Players Need Chiropractic Care?

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Chiropractic care has helped baseball teams take their competitive edge to the next level. Players in both the major and minor leagues have been able to avoid injuries and enhance their performance through long seasons. 28 teams in both the major and minor leagues use chiropractic care to carry them through home games and spring training.

Here are some ways on how chiropractic can help a baseball player’s performance.

• Optimizes the shoulder and upper thoracic region, lower back and hips
• Promotes faster recoveries
• Reduces risk of injury
• Enhances performance on the field

Regular chiropractic adjustments bring sound spinal function and better balance to players, which leads to a drop in spinal injuries, keeping players on the field. When they do get injured, those receiving regular adjustments are found to recover more quickly. Many players find that their body mechanics are made better by adjustments, leading to better pitching, batting, and throwing. Chiropractic care for players is tailored to their specific needs, and in the case of baseball, the shoulder and hip areas tend to be the ones which bear the brunt of the game.

Ankle sprains are common across the board in baseball. From catchers to outfielders, every position is susceptible. Typical treatment depends on the severity of the sprain and may include immobilizing the joint with a boot, taking anti-inflammatories, and possibly physical therapy. However, just as the spine has an ideal alignment, so too do the bones of your foot and ankle. Chiropractors can help adjust and realign these bones properly, while also providing exercise and rehabilitation techniques to restore full range of motion.

Not surprisingly, shoulder strains and rotator cuff injuries are common among pitchers. These injuries lead to pain, tenderness, and weakness within the arm and shoulder, and if not treated properly, drastically impact the ability to play the game. Chiropractic techniques for the shoulder can help ensure total healing, range of motion, and aid in the avoidance of re-injury.

Tendonitis is a common overuse injury seen in baseball and occurs when a tendon connecting muscle to bone becomes injured or strained. Upon injury, the area may be immobilized and iced. Chiropractors may then use a range of therapies such as joint manipulation, manual trigger point therapy, or electrical stimulation to help the injured site fully heal and recuperate. When treated properly, tendonitis will heal over a course of several weeks, after which any remaining scar tissue can be addressed.

Chiropractic is embraced by sports teams as a performance enhancer and a way to keep players in their best shape. Teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, US National Olympic teams, NHL, and MLS either have team chiropractors or send their players to specific practices. These sports and teams have their players’ best performance in mind, and they find chiropractic to be a good complement to the rest of their sports medicine routine.

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but baseball-related injuries threaten to dampen the game. Proper technique and safety equipment can go a long way in the prevention of injury. And, in those instances when injury does occur, chiropractic care can often help players heal the right way, and get them back in the game sooner rather than later.