How To Fight The Sickness

How To Fight The Sickness

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You hear a sneeze.
Someone tells you that they’re “somewhat sick.” Because of this, you’re getting anxious because you already know what’s going around.

The flu bug.

Almost everyone hates getting sick. Even those who aren’t fully sick hate the feeling of fighting the virus inside their body. If many people are sick around you, here are some methods that can prevent you from being stuck in bed.

Stay clean: make sure you wash your hands and keep your environment sanitize and clean. If there are people around you who are sick, give them some personal space—for them and for you. This will help from getting in contact with some germs.

Orange juice and emergency-c: the people bringing the emergency-c to work are prepared. Orange juice is known to be the number one drink of vitamin C to boost your immune system. But if you’re in a rush, do you have time to pour you some fresh oranges? Emergen-c contains about 1,000 ng of vitamin c. It also holds B vitamins and electrolytes to boost your energy. It can easily be stored in a purse or backpack. Then all you need is a water bottle—which can help you drain out the virus as well.

Steamy air: if you get a stuffy nose, that means the sickness is hitting you. Go into the bathroom and close the door, then run the shower (bath in it, if you want) until the steam fills the air. This will help open your airways to make it easier to breathe.

In result, keep yourself clean and away from germs. Boost up on your immune system by getting the vitamin c and drinking lots of fluids.

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.