Flu Prevention Tips
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Flu Prevention Tips

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Flu season is well underway, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to it. Although most people catch the flu or a cold once a year when peak season rolls around, there are those who know how to follow a few simple tips in order to avoid it.

It’s important to care for yourself and your family in order to avoid getting sick, especially young kids. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep your health in check, help stop germs, and avoid a few trips to the doctor this season!

  1. Get vaccinated: there are multiple flu viruses, but the yearly vaccine protects against the most common types that are spreading around.
  2. Get enough exercise: exercise is proven to boost your immunity system which helps keep you healthy and less likely to get sick.
  3. Eat right: Eating an abundance of food with antioxidants can also help your immune system stay healthy and ward off any viruses and infections.
  4. Hydrate: drinking enough water can help you stay healthy all the time, including during cold and flu season.
  5. Reduce stress: practice stress reduction exercises as stress can weaken your immune system and increases the chances of getting sick.
  6. Practice good hygiene: washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth and nose, and avoiding touching your eyes and face with your hands can all greatly reduce the chances of a virus entering your system.
  7. Clean: make sure to keep your home and work spaces clean and disinfected to ensure you stop the spread of harmful bacteria.
  8. Avoid contact: avoid close contact with people who are sick in order to reduce your risk of catching a virus.
  9. Go home: if you feel like you are getting sick, go home and rest.
  10. Teach your kids: teaching your kids about proper hygiene and how to describe their symptoms can help stop the spreading of germs and viruses.

Many of these tips seem self-explanatory or obvious, but nonetheless, the majority of people forget to follow them. By staying mindful of these tips you can help stop the spreading of germs and avoid flu outbreaks at home, work, and school. And remember, if you do catch a cold or the flu don’t wait to visit your doctor and get treatment as soon as possible.