Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: The Back
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Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: The Back

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Chronic back pain is the bane of your existence?

There are many tried and true remedies to help reduce the stressful feeling in your back. Some you may have heard of, others you may not.

Here are some recommended tips on dealing with that agonizing pain:

Heat Therapy

When heat is applied to a sore back it has the potential of stimulating the flow of blood to where you need it most. The blood vessels are given an opportunity to dilate allowing nutrients and oxygen to help the area.

Cold Therapy

Placing something cold on the area that is affected allows for the reduction of inflammation within the area. Cold works to numb the pain and prevents nerve spasms. This therapy tricks the veins into sending blood into the area to compensate for the lower temperature.


Getting enough rest allows your body to heal itself in its own way. Knowing what position to sleep in, to ensure that you are not agitating the problem area, is important to keep track of. Keeping a schedule of your sleep time and getting your full 8-hours is essential for this to help you feel your best.


Allowing your body to produce endorphins from exercise is a double benefit to your pain issues. Not only is your body active, these endorphins work as a natural drug for your pain. Studies have shown that endorphins are linked to being similar to opioids; however, they are dramatically different because endorphins are naturally produced in the body. Take advantage of your built-in pain reducer.

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