Germs on a Plane
The inside cabin of a airplane.

Germs on a Plane

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Booking flights and having to travel to various destinations is an often exciting experience. For all flyers, we know that germs are often in circulation because of the recycled air that is constantly flowing through the plane. However, that isn’t the only way you could possibly get ill on a plane, here are some other places to beware of on your next flight.

Aisle Seats

The aisle seats offer you more freedom to move around the plane cabin whenever you desire. However, at what cost? Studies have shown that the aisle seats are a breeding ground for germs. People who walk past the aisle seats may use the arm rest or head rest to help keep their balance. With all of the hands touching those surfaces, you run the risk of catching a communicable virus.

Tray Tables

According to microbiologists, the tray tables are often the dirtiest places on the plane. There have been traces of cold viruses, norovirus and MRSA bacteria on the surface of the table. If you could avoid using these tables, to do. If you must use the tables, run a disinfecting wipe over the surface to kill whatever is living there.

Seatback Pockets

The pockets located in front of you on your plane ride harbors bacteria. Many passengers before you have used it as a disposal location for their trash such as used tissues and dirty diapers. Keep away from touching those pockets and don’t assume the cleaning crew took care of it. The cleaning crew is given such a short amount of time between stops to really disinfect, so don’t trust those pockets.