Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! What’s in your Green Juice?
A tray of green juice setup inside a cup.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! What’s in your Green Juice?

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Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day!

Don’t forget to get your green on with some green juice. We already know that the juice trend has been going on since 2010. It’s still going strong. But, have you heard about green juice?  It’s a combination of leafy greens, fruits and a lot of vegetables. Many people drink this type of juice because it supplies the body with an abundant amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The correct way to green juice is to prominently use vegetables in order to receive the benefits your body needs. Are you disgusted? Don’t be!

According to the USDA:

The average person barely eats the recommended amount of vegetables each day. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to drink them like a smoothie to consume most of the nutrients broken down in a juicer. Since the juice is made of many green ingredients—it carries out the pigment, chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many benefits for the body.

Chlorophyll benefits:

    • regenerates poor blood cells
    • aids the immune system

reduces cholesterol

Better yet, green juice is alkalizing! Alkaline is said to help with neutralizing acid in the bloodstream, which helps with oxygen and energy levels and metabolism.

If you never tried it before, plan out what you’re going to put first. We know that juicing vegetables can seem weird. Stick with your normal fruity smoothies and add a cup of kale. Then, as you get used to tasting the greenery, add more until you reach more vegetables and fewer fruits. Your future body will thank you!

Start Saint Patty’s Day right—with some green juice and luck by your side!