Healthy Sweet Snacks
A plate of dark chocolate chunks.

Healthy Sweet Snacks

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Snacking is a favorite activity of many, but picking snacks that are healthy and nutritious will satisfy that sweet tooth and keep you from derailing your diet.

Fresh Fruit – It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that help your body function. Look for whatever’s in season, be it pears, watermelon, or cherries. The fruit will taste better and have more nutrients because it hasn’t been processed or preserved.

Dark Chocolate – A half-ounce square of 86% dark chocolate contains only two grams of sugar. The taste is rich and intense enough to satisfy your craving. Dark chocolate is also loaded with plant chemicals called flavanols that may help protect your heart (1). Milk chocolate contains some of the same benefits but comes loaded with sugar.

Cereal – It makes a great snack anytime of day. Eat it with low-fat dairy milk or unsweetened plant-based milk. Just make sure the cereal you pick is 100% whole grain with no more than 6 grams of sugar per serving. You’ll still get plenty of sweetness, along with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Greek Yogurt – Flavored yogurts contain more added sugar than the amount you should eat in one day. You’ll get calcium for bone health and protein to help you feel fuller longer. And you’ll get probiotics, which bacteria that’s good for your gut health.

Dates – Dates have plenty of natural sugar. That’s why they’re often used as a sweetener in recipes. But these sticky, and chewy caramel-like dried fruits are also packed with fiber, vitamin B6, and minerals like potassium and manganese.

Sweet Potatoes – This naturally sweet veggie is packed with vitamins A, B6, and C, along with plant chemicals that help protect your health.

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