Helpful Foods and Drinks to Try When You’re Dehydrated
A man pouring a glass of milk.

Helpful Foods and Drinks to Try When You’re Dehydrated

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Dehydration results from losing more fluids and/or electrolytes than you’re taking in. Many things can cause you to become dehydrated, including heat, medications and vomiting. You might feel faint, dizzy, thirsty, fatigued, or have a dry mouth or trouble focusing (1). Dehydration can also manifest as a headache before other, more serious symptoms appear.

Fortunately, there’s more than just water to the rescue. In fact, several foods and drinks can help you rehydrate.

Coconut water – When you’re dehydrated, your body needs more than just fluid to regain its balance. In most instances, you must also replenish electrolytes that are lost in fluids from the body, such as sweat and urine (2). Coconut water is great to drink when you’re dehydrated, as it provides much-needed water and supplies electrolytes and a few carbs (sugars).

Broths and soups – Broths and soups deliver high water content and electrolytes. This combination is key in rehydration (3). Bone broth and other soups with animal protein provide collagen. This is an animal-derived protein important for healthy joints, which may be especially important if your dehydration is due to overexertion (4).

Watermelon, honeydew, and other melons – Fruits and vegetables have a high water content and can be a great option for keeping you hydrated (5). This is especially true with fruits like watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. These all have a very high water content, making them great choices when you’re dehydrated.

Milk – A glass of milk delivers fluids as well as protein, carbs, and some fat. It’s a good option for rehydrating because it contains lots of helpful electrolytes. Milk is a good option if you’re experiencing a poor appetite or nausea. Drink it cold if you’re especially overheated, or use it to replenish calories and fluids after a workout.

Tzatziki – This Greek dip is made with yogurt and cucumber — both of which pack water content. Yogurt alone has a high water content (85%) and a lot of the same benefits as milk. It also contains some probiotics, which are friendly gut bacteria. Cucumber is hydrating too. It’s made up of 85% water (6).

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