Helping a Depressed Friend
Two friends just helping each other out in a time of need.

Helping a Depressed Friend

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Depression is a struggle for most people, and it has life-altering powers. Everyone will go through rough periods in life, and usually, we are able to overcome these various trials and tribulations. However, there are many who have difficulty with toxic emotions.

At one point or another, you may experience a run-in with a dear friend or family member who may display unusual emotions. It’s always best to ask about them and always remain true to who you are when addressing them.

Feel free to ask how they are feeling and be honest by stating that you notice a change in behavior or character. Lying and pretending that nothing is wrong is the worse thing to do because there’s a chance that you can help your friend or family member through their struggle, even if you’re not sure how.

State your willingness to listen and actually follow through. Make sure that they know to contact you if they ever feel overwhelmed by their emotions. Most people suffering from depression may have the thought that no one cares about them. It’s important to show that you do.

Never speak down to someone with depression and tell them to “toughen up” or “look how good they have it”. They are aware of their surroundings and what they have, but at the time of their episode, none of it will matter. It takes time for them to push through their feelings.

Always ask for them to hold on for a little longer. Many people suffering from depression may have thoughts of suicide. Watch for signs and be prepared to get them professional help if need be. Don’t ever leave a suicidal person alone.

Be aware that if you notice that your friend or a family member are really having a hard time dealing with depression then you should recommend that they seek the help of a professional.

You could be a support system, but they may need more attention than what you are able to give. Medical professionals will be able to guide them through their struggles and help you to understand depression a lot better.