HICCUP! What’s Your Remedy For A Hiccup?
A female coughing.

HICCUP! What’s Your Remedy For A Hiccup?

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Have you ever wondered why you hiccup? It can feel weird — even if it’s only for a few seconds. It may even sound like a cough. There are many reasons people may have the hiccups. The main reason is the diaphragm. When your diaphragm gets irritated it can lead for you to suck in the air, which goes to your voice box and suddenly closing your vocal chords for a second. In result, you get a little squicky “hic” out from your mouth. Most people would describe it as an involuntary contraction.

Maybe you ate too fast. Maybe you got too excited and sucked in the air by mistake. There are a few ways on how you can get rid of hiccups if you want them to stop. Here are a few you may not have heard of.

  • Breathing exercises: You may have heard that holding your breath for 20 seconds is a good way of getting rid of the hiccups. But you can also breathe into a bag or hold your legs against your chest for two minutes.
  • Press on pressure points: Another way of getting rid of hiccups is by focusing on pressure points. By pressing on them lightly, you’ll slowly feel the condition stop. Press on your diaphragm gently, which will stop it from spazzing. You can also pinch your nose lightly as you swallow.
  • Water and food intake: drinking water slowly can help decrease the hiccups. They also say that placing sugar on your mouth and swallowing it when it turns into the liquid can also help. If it doesn’t, you can try sucking on a lemon like it’s a sweet fruit. We know it’s sour, but if it helps the diaphragm stop having spasms — it’s best to act like it’s delicious.

Most of the time you can just wait it out. They usually go away with just a bit of patience. Though, if the hiccups prolong for a period of time, it might be suggesting that the body needs medical attention. You should see a doctor if you cough up blood, have abdominal pain or shortness of breathing.

How do you get rid of your hiccups? Do you know any other remedies that help with hiccups?