How Is Salt Water Good For You?
A picture of the ocean.

How Is Salt Water Good For You?

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When you think of salt water, do you think of its wonderful benefits it can give your body and beauty? It may even be a great alternative in some of your daily hygiene routine. Though, we know what you’re thinking when you see “salt water”.

The ocean.

The ocean is filled with it (naturally, which is always the best). So what can the ocean blue help you other than its calming scenery?

It has anti-bacterial properties and significantly higher amounts of minerals, including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium. This means that when you indulge yourself in the ocean it can help heal sores, scars, and acne. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not going to magically heal your skin, but it improves the process. You can just even jump in and run out and still absorb the salt water healing powers.

Many people with sinus conditions and hay fever find nasal irrigation with salt-containing solutions helpful. Nasal irrigation, or flushing of the nasal cavity, with salty solutions is used as a complementary therapy by many people suffering from hay fever as well as inflammation and infection of the sinuses.

Ocean swimming and exposure to the salt environment are possibly associated with reduced symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis, as well as other respiratory symptoms. This is because the saline effect on the lining of sinuses may reduce inflammation, although scientific evidence for this is less robust.

If you’re not near the ocean or any public saltwater areas, don’t worry about. There are other benefits that come with it that you can make at home.

Here are a few examples:

Salt bath: Make a DIY lush bomb with some Epsom salt and the tub filled with water (pick your fragrance because there will be choices). As your bathroom steams up, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. By initiating this in your beauty routine will help with many skin conditions. For example, eczema benefits from these baths. The magnesium that is included in these salt baths helps by easing the itchy feeling on the skin as well as help draw away the bacteria and fungi from development.

Mouthwash: If you have any sores or irritation in your mouth, salt water can help ease the pain. It can even help with oral conditions such as gingivitis. That will be helpful for those who dislike flossing.

Gargling: Sore throats associated with colds and the flu can also be treated by gargling with warm saltwater. Holding your head back and bubbling the fluid in the back of your throat gets it up into the rear sinuses and soothes the infected throat membranes, helping your body to fight back more effectively.

In many ways, salt water has medicinal powers that can help keep your body happy and healthy, and not just set for those at sea.

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