How to Control Your Anxiety
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How to Control Your Anxiety

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What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, fear, and worrying. Anxiety affects how we behave and feel. Many people suffer from anxiety. You might even be one of them but you don’t notice it. Having anxiety is annoying but there are ways to fight it. Anxiety will not go away from day to knight, it takes time. Below are some recommendations that can help treat anxiety.


If you feel that anxiety is eating you alive, don’t worry. Stop what you are doing, and control your breathing. Breathe in slowly through your nose and hold it for about three seconds. Then, Breathe out slowly. This will help your body by regaining C02 balance.

Try Yoga

When you suffer from anxiety, your body has adrenaline. Trying out an aerobic activity, like yoga may help you with your anxiety. Yoga helps you reduce stress that has been created by anxiety. You can focus on yourself and your inner mind. Yoga improves your respiration and energy. Stretching your body also allows you to relax and avoid tensing up.

Find an activity that relaxes you

We all have one thing that we enjoy doing, whether it’s the gym, playing a sport, or knitting. If you have a hobby that you enjoy doing, and it relaxes you, do it. If you are overwhelmed with your anxiety, don’t let it consume you. Fight it away by finding out what makes you relax!