How To Transform Your Environment for Better Sleep
A woman lying in bed getting a good rest.

How To Transform Your Environment for Better Sleep

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Good sleep is important. Getting enough rest is not just about sleeping a certain number of hours, but rather getting quality sleep. Sleeping improves cognitive function, keeps your immune system in check, and is linked to overall better health.

While many adults know how many hours of sleep they should be getting, many of them don’t actually get enough. Additionally, many people are not aware of proper sleep hygiene methods that can drastically improve the quality of their sleep. Today we’re talking about the things you can do in order to transform your bedroom and improve the quality of your sleep.

  1. Get organized: Creating a clutter-free space is an essential part of getting good sleep. If your environment is tidy, your mind is more likely to feel peaceful when it’s time to go to bed. Additionally, organizing under your bed can help keep the area well ventilated which is important due to the moisture your body releases throughout the night.
  2. Darkness: Believe it or not, any hint of light can actually confuse your brain and disrupt your sleep. This includes night lights, street lights, and even moonlight. Invest in shades and make sure to turn off all the lights when it’s time to sleep. A helpful tip is to dim your lights about an hour before bed in order to get your body ready to wind down and sleep.
  3. Put away electronics: Continuing off of the previous point, it’s important to reduce or eliminate electronic use immediately before bed. Experts recommend avoiding a TV in your bedroom, sleeping away from electronics, and turning off cellphones and tablets an hour or two before bed. The reason being? The blue light emitted by our electronics disrupts the production of melatonin and thus impact the quality of your sleep.
  4. Cool down: Lower the temperature before bed, this has been proven to help your body prepare for sleep.
  5. Scent: Creating a relaxing atmosphere through aromatherapy can help quiet your mind. Scents such as lavender, vanilla, and jasmine can all help improve the quality of sleep.
  6. Pillows: Make sure you change your pillows every once in a while and that you use a good quality pillow that won’t impact your posture or cause headaches.
  7. Cut out disruptions: Some disruptions may seem little, but they can actually impact the quality of your sleep. If you have a small nightlight, if your dog snores, or if there are any other small interruptions present throughout the night, make sure to find a solution to these things that will let you sleep through the night. In turn, you will feel well rested and better overall.