Importance of Eating Breakfast


When you are sleeping the body is considered to be in a fasting period. Therefore, when you wake up you must eat something in order to break the fasting. Breakfast helps you recharge your muscles and brain. Eating breakfast will give you the boost of energy that you will need until lunch time. However, if you do not eat breakfast, it is possible that you might feel sluggish and you may be more likely to overeat throughout the day.

Many individuals tend to skip breakfast because we live in a fast past environment where we want to be on the go and when we do eat breakfast, it is usually cereals or pastries that are high in sugar. So, when choosing a healthy breakfast you want to choose foods from the following food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and dairy. Eating a nutritious breakfast allows you to get the vitamins that you need for the day.

If you are not a big breakfast eater, it is okay. You can start off with something simple such as a banana with peanut butter, yogurt, or even a smoothie with fresh fruit. And if you are someone that enjoys the extra five minutes of sleep maybe try making your breakfast the day before like overnight oats, yogurt, homemade breakfast bars, or an overnight smoothie.  

Eating a nutritious breakfast should be an essential part of your day because it gives you the boost of energy that you will need to start your day.

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