Importance of Sleep


We all strive for quality sleep every night… some days are more successful than others. Nevertheless, the goal is to be well rested and ready for the ring of the morning alarm clock. Our quality of sleep varies from person to person as some only need seven hours of sleep while others need nine. This spectrum of sleep can depend on one’s age, life circumstances, daily energy levels, etc.

To ensure your very own quality of sleep, consistency is key. It is deeply important to rest your body and mind around the same time every night to avoid mid-sleep awakenings and difficulty falling and staying asleep. Once your body develops a habit, it will become necessary to maintain. If your sleep habits get off balance, you will need two consecutive nights of sleep with hours dependant on your age range.

Some recognizable characteristics after lacking quality sleep include daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, decreased sex drive, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on. A night of quality sleep will provide you with a functional immune system, a regulated appetite, a healthy heart, and a good metabolism just to name a few key qualities. Quality sleep results in a quality wake, so make sure to set your schedule and get some rest.

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