Importance of Three Meals a Day


Whether your goal is to lose weight or to maintain your current weight- three meals a day is necessary. Weight loss entails maintenance and consistency. With three meals a day, the ingredients should be whole and healthy. This structure offers a great opportunity to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. In fact, greens, grains, or fruits should take up at least half of your plate with each meal to encourage balanced eating and discourage unhealthy eating.

Eating three meals a day leads to better food choices resulting in fullness and satisfaction. Those who choose to eat less than three meals per day are at risk for overeating and usually opt for unhealthy foods. To lose weight or to maintain weight is to choose healthy foods that satisfy hunger and promote healthy digestion. Balance your plate with half vegetables, and half proteins, or even some healthy carbs. The balance of greens will lessen your risk of overeating the other high calorie foods on your plate and will provide you with key nutrients your body needs.

Skipping meals may seem like the way to lose weight, but it will lead to overeating later in the day. Three meals per day will keep you more focused, less irritable, and overall, balanced.

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