Improving Your Posture During Sleep
A female in different sleep postures.

Improving Your Posture During Sleep

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People sleep in many ways. Some people are lucky enough to fall asleep easily. For others, finding the right positioning before bed is an ordeal and a failure to do so can make the next day at work outright uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help improve your sleep and feel better in the morning!

For People Who Sleep On Their Sides

Most reports indicate that a majority of people prefer to sleep on their sides which is good news considering it’s probably the healthiest way to sleep. This sleep posture elongates your spine naturally and is least likely to cause snoring. Still, some complications can occur. To battle any unwanted discomfort, try putting a pillow between your knees which will prevent your top leg from trying to get onto the mattress. Otherwise, your leg positioning can lead to lower back pain.

For People Who Sleep On Their Stomachs

Sleeping on your stomach is the position most prone to causing neck and back pain. Your spine is rarely in a neutral position and you put undue stress on your joints and muscles. Also, this position often keeps your neck turned to one side for hours at a time which can cause soreness and stiffness. If this is your preferred way to sleep, put a pillow between your pelvis and belly to provide some support.

For People Who Sleep On Their Backs

Though prone to cause snoring, sleeping on your back is ideal because it naturally keeps your neck and spine in neutral positions. One tip is to keep a small pillow under your knees to keep them elevated, assuring the best possible positioning for your overall comfort.

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