Incorporating Yoga with Chiropractic Care


The independent benefits of yoga and chiropractic adjustments can cooperate in harmony, accentuating one another, and optimizing overall health and wellness. Yoga is the practice of breath control, stretching, and meditating in specific body postures for self-discipline. The ancient Hindu practice has been harnessed as a tool for ascetic purposes as well as boosting one’s body, mind, and spiritual health.

Not only does yoga intend to stretch and relax your body and mind, but also to strengthen it. Many poses including- cat, cow, downward dog, boat, bridge, bow and many, many more- are prime poses for aligning your spine, and increasing your back’s strength while simultaneously relieving pain and discomfort. Yoga practices and poses are not intended to be uncomfortable, however, at first, they feel different, since your body is not used to twisting and bending in these positions. Just hold that pose, it will get easier and will benefit you in ways unimaginable.

Chiropractors prefer clients who stretch daily or practice yoga at least three times per week. When it comes to realignments, yoga helps release tense muscles, helping the chiropractor more easily access your body’s deepest pressures and aches. Chiropractic care and yoga practice go hand in hand, attempting to ensure deep healing- mentally, physically and spiritually- while letting go of negative tension and helping one use their body properly.

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