Job-Related Scams
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Job-Related Scams

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Job-related scams have become very common, with so many people out of work. Work at home jobs have always been a great target for scammers. However, these scams have become even bigger due to COVID-19. We know many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and due to a lot of non-essential workers being cut hours and had to be furloughed, finding a new job is difficult. Scammers are aware of all of this and are taking advantage of job seekers who are desperate to make money.

Knowing how to differentiate legitimate work opportunities from the harmful ones is the best way to protect yourself in search for a new job including remote work.

Here are tips to help you make sure you’re applying to a real, legit job posting.

Beware of Fake URLs – If you come across an online job listing from a well-known company offering work from home jobs, check the URL. Scammers will try to recreate the company’s website by slightly altering the web address. If you don’t pay attention, you may not even realize it is not the actual company website. For example, a real company website has the address like, but the fake one might have or even It’s a small change, but this could be the first thing you notice when considering this to be the actual company website.

Gaining Access to Personal Financial Information – It is true that before you start a job, you need to give your employer your social security number and if you choose to use direct deposit, they will need your banking information too. However, if a company is asking for this information before they even offer you a job, it’s most likely a scam.

Use Email and Phone Calls – Scammers are using chat to communicate and conduct fake job interviews with job seekers. Although this is the dream, it is rare to secure a job or get a job interview with a legit company through chat. If you are approached through chat, be sure to request a call and do your research to see if this interview thru chat is the real deal.

Check Verifiable Information – You may have already found your dream job, but upon further inspection you can’t find any information about the company. If you can’t verify a phone number, location, or employees, you’re definitely looking at a scam. In this day, most companies have an online presence and social media engagement. If they aren’t on social media, they might possibly not be legitimate.

Phishing – Emails, texts, phone calls, or chat – you name it and there is a phishing scam out there. If a job requires you to click a specific link or asking for detailed personal information, chances are someone is trying to collect your information for malicious use. Phishing scams often look like they come from a trusted and well-known company. Always reach out to an employer directly through their legitimate website rather than respond to any odd looking communication.

On top of these tips there are also some signs that might indicate the job posting is probably a scam:

• The ad used phrases that are too good to be true, like ‘quick money’, ‘unlimited earning potential’ and ‘free work from home’ jobs.
• There is a sense of urgency for you to accept the job now. A legitimate company won’t push you into accepting a job offer immediately.
• The job post or email has grammatical or spelling errors.
• You’re offered the job without a recruiter verifying your work experience or asking for references.
• The company has an email domain from gmail or other providers.
• The job description is vague.

Anyone can fall victim to these job scams, but here a few things you can do to protect yourself:

Do your homework – Research the company and the people who contact you.

Connect with the company – Go directly to the company website and see if the job is posted on their jobs page.

Trust your gut – If it feels like a scam, it probably is.


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