Lifting Weights? Here’s Why You’re Doing It Wrong
A woman lifting some hand weights.

Lifting Weights? Here’s Why You’re Doing It Wrong

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When it comes to setting fitness goals and reaching them, many experts can agree that balance is key. While a lot of people seek out ways to lose excess body weight, others may want to become stronger, leaner, and improve their overall physique. Many experts recommended mixing a variety of physical exercises including weight training, cardio, yoga, and even adding in the adequate number of recovery days in between.

Today we’re only going to focus on one form — weight training. Weight training is known to help improve body mass and physical performance but it’s not an easy activity at first. There are a number of common mistakes that can lead to adverse effects such as injury or lack of results. When lifting weights, it’s important to seek out professional help if you have any doubts.

Whether you work with a certified personal trainer or refer to credible sources on the internet, the most important part of weight training is form, and referring to a professional will help you perfect it. Improper form can have serious negative impacts on your body that may impair you from advancing in your fitness goals or from working out at all.

A second and extremely common mistake people make when they set out to start weight training? Not warming up. Warming up should be part of every physical activity you do whether it’s lifting, running, swimming, and even yoga. Dynamic stretches can make a huge difference for the workout and your muscles, joints, and ligaments will thank you by performing at their optimum.

Rushing through repetitions is yet another common mistake that people often misjudge. Remember what we said about form? The two are related, as rushing through a set can compromise your form and therefore negatively impact your results. Rather than rushing, allow the muscle to extend to its full range of motion and work against gravity in order to get stronger.

Finally, the last common mistake people often make during a weight training session is using momentum to help them finish a set. Using momentum means you are using less of your actual strength… in other words, you are cheating your workout (and yourself) by doing this. Many people don’t actually realize they are doing this, but if you catch yourself in the act try checking your form and keeping your feet grounded. If you can’t even complete two reps go lighter and work your weight up with time without compromising your results.

No one is born an expert, in order to improve a skill you must practice and be consistent. This applies to your gym routine and weight training goals. The above mentioned are a few of the common mistakes that beginners make and luckily catching them in time will help performance and to avoid injuries. If you think you may be doing something wrong, seek out help from a professional and speak to them about what you can do to keep improving and working toward your goals.