Posture Tips for Working at Home
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Posture Tips for Working at Home

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So many people are working from home now due to the pandemic and at the same time we are developing musculoskeletal pain.

Postural imbalance is one of the most common reasons patients seek help from chiropractors.

There are different things we can do to help reduce the stress on the body and improve our posture while working from home.

Here are some work from home suggestions:

  • Take Breaks & Change Your Posture – After 15 minutes of sitting or standing in your home work area, check yourself and see how your body is positioned. Remember to take several exercise breaks throughout the day.
  • Use a telephone headset if applicable or a bluetooth headset device – You can avoid neck pain by not having to crunch your neck when using the phone.
  • Sit in a good chair – Avoid the slouch while sitting in the chair. Make sure to put both feet on the floor with a right angle at your knees. Aligning your posture lets your bones do the work, not your muscles. This prevents muscle spasm, pain and inflammation. It can even prevent nerve pain and headaches.
  • Eye Level – Keep the screen at eye level avoiding wasted movement, including constantly moving your head up and down. Avoid forward head position. Keep your head erect, in line with your torso. For every inch your head is forward it increases the weight on your upper back and neck by 10.
  • Relax your body – Shoulders should be dropped and relaxed, with elbows hanging down, centered at the seam line of your shirt. Take breads to stretch. Stretching can help you loosen any muscles that may be tense. This helps you reset your posture, as well.

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