Preventing Text Neck
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Preventing Text Neck

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A good portion of Americans own a smart phone and 81% of those Americans send and receive text messages. On average, smart phone users receive 72 messages per day and spend around 5 hours a day looking at their phone.1 The more messages we receive, the more our necks are taking a hit. The strain coming from overusing our smart phones is called ‘text neck.’

Text neck is caused by having poor posture while using our smart phones. We simply become hunched with our heads drooping forward and shoulders becoming rounded. As humans, we do this naturally. We get so wrapped into our messages, games and social media, we don’t even realize we have poor posture.

Here are some tips to help you avoid text neck:

  • Remember to sit up straight with your chest out, shoulders back.
  • Instead of dropping your head forward, try tucking your chin into your chest so you can look down.
  • Rest your forearms on a pillow or something soft to help minimize neck tension.
  • Change how you hold your phone. Bring your arms to your eyes so you don’t need to drop your head to look at the screen.
  • Try not to use your smart phone in bright sunlight. When you can’t see the screen clearly, you may lean forward and use poor posture to be able to see your screen.
  • If traveling on a road trip, avoid using your smart phone for long periods of time.
  • Trying doing 10 minutes of yoga. Yoga helps improve movement patterns, increases body awareness and incorporates breath work.

When you sum up all these tips, the overall thought is to limit the use of your smart phone to avoid text neck.

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