Signs that Indicate Over-Exercising
A woman working out on a yoga mat doing crunches.

Signs that Indicate Over-Exercising

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We exercise to keep our health and body in tip-top shape. A major issue that may occur from exercise is overdoing it. Our bodies are not machines and at times you may need to take a break day- or week, depending on what your body is trying to tell you- to help you recuperate.

If you notice that you’re suffering from one or several of these issues, you may need to take a rest period to give your body the time it needs to properly heal:

Prolonged Soreness: If your muscles are feeling intense tightness and discomfort for over 3 days then your body is signaling for you to slow it down. If you regularly exercise, this pain shouldn’t be at such an intense level. Give your body sufficient time to heal completely before going back to your routine.

Bad Immune System: If you discover that you’re getting sick in rapid succession, this may be an indicator that you need to rest. A weakened immune system could cause injury to your body if you continue to work out while you feel ill. Don’t feel bad about taking a nap or skipping a few workouts until you’re back to normal.

Moody: If you feel like your emotions are a kaleidoscope of negativity such as anger, depression or anxiety then this means that you’ve exerted all your energy and you’re now running on fumes. No worries! Try to get some more sleep into your schedule. Find another relaxing activity to help get you out of the exhaustion funk.