Simple Habits That Benefit Mental Health


Mental health is just as important to our wellbeing as physical health, but it is often overlooked or ignored. Many experts recommend staying on track with your mental health in order to avoid a breakdown rather than focusing on “fixing” an issue once we are already facing it.

Keeping your mind healthy can have a huge impact on your physical health and the quality of life you lead, and it can be as simple as adopting a few habits that your brain will thank you for. Keep reading to learn more about the best habits to start implementing into your life today in order to lead a happier, healthier life.

  1. Sleep: Getting 8 hours of sleep is not enough, in order to see mental health benefits and feel truly rested you need to set a regular bedtime and wake time.
  2. Exercise: Get moving, increasing your heart rate will not only help you lose and maintain a healthy weight but the release of feel-good hormones will help keep your mind healthy and stress-free.
  3. Eat a balanced diet: What you eat is just as important to your body as it is to your mind, caffeine, alcohol and junk food can all worsen symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. Opt for whole foods as much as possible.
  4. Socialize: Having a tight-knit group of friends can help you get things off your chest and have a good time with people who share similar worldviews to you and this is a great thing for your mind!
  5. Meditate: Learning to practice meditation and truly applying it to everyday life can help transform how you look at life and benefit your mental health.
  6. Go outside: Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to keep people happier, so take a walk outside as often as possible!
  7. Get creative: Doing a creative activity, whatever it may be, can have huge benefits for the brain including stress-reduction.
  8. Laugh: Getting a good laugh in is another proven way to reduce stress and keep the brain healthy.
  9. Help others: Did you know being kind to others and volunteering can help you feel good and happy? Try asking a friend or family member to volunteer with you and enjoy the rewarding feeling of helping those in need.
  10. Be grateful: Practicing gratitude can help you shift to a positive perspective and increase feelings of self-confidence as well as satisfaction toward your life.
  11. Stay prepared: Preparing things the night before or making to-do lists for the next day before leaving work can help reduce stress in the morning and give you a clear direction about where your day is going. Reducing the decisions you have to make in the morning by staying prepared can also help you be more productive and thus feel happier.
  12. Set a goal or a plan: Setting a goal or planning something such as a trip can help keep you looking forward to something. This tactic has been proven to increase feelings of happiness and purpose.
  13. Try/learn something new: Learning a new language or hobby can increase feelings of accomplishment and keeps your brain active and happy.
  14. Journal: Writing things down on a journal, even the things that cause fears or anxiety, can help you view them in a more realistic way rather than overthinking then. Jotting things down has a huge benefit for mental health.
  15. Seek help: It’s never a bad time to seek help! Whether you need to vent to someone or you’re reaching a point where you truly need professional help, never hesitate to seek out help from a trained professional who will help you reach a healthy mental state in no time!