The Benefits of Coconut Water
A couple of coconuts cut open in half.

The Benefits of Coconut Water

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Coconut water is a famous beach-day treat for those who are familiar with most tropical settings.

Coconut water has gained popularity lately. Celebrities, athletes and fitness coaches believe in the powers provided through coconuts. There’s more to this island staple that most people aren’t aware of.

Hydration– There’s a reason that you feel instant relief after taking a few sips of coconut water. The water contains potassium, which serves your body as an electrolyte. Potassium will help balance your sodium level, which in turn keeps your blood pressure down. The water content is 95% water, which helps to rehydrate your body just as well as plain water.

Nutrients– One cup of coconut water contains 46 calories and includes the following: magnesium, copper, fiber, carbs, protein, vitamin C, sodium, calcium, manganese and many other nutrients that your body needs to function at optimal level.

Nature’s Sports Drink– As mentioned before, coconut water produces natural electrolytes without additional sugar, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring. Coconut water does not share the same levels of sodium as traditional sports drinks; however, it could be consumed in larger quantities without causing an upset stomach or nausea.

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