The benefits of Morning Mantras
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The benefits of Morning Mantras

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Do you ever feel like you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? The thoughts that you fill your mind within the morning are essential for planning how the rest of your day will unfold. Of course, the future is unknown for the most part. This is why mentally setting yourself up in a positive, self-reassuring manner can boost your confidence and help you conquer whatever may be in store. Crafting the perfect mantra, which is a phrase or affirmation, can set you up for success.

According to empowerment coach Kelsey Patel, who is LA-based, “A mantra is a word, prayer, or sound vibration that’s repeated to create a state of concentration, consciousness, and connection.” She insists that having her clients repeat daily morning mantras to themselves has boosted their self-confidence, focus, and connection. Desiree Pais, a meditation guide, adds to the conversation, “It can change how you feel about yourself, which is the most important thing to be able to change.”

The process of choosing or crafting your own personal morning mantra may be different for you than for your friends and family members. First, in picking a phrase, consider what kind of encouragement you specifically need to hear. Maybe you are fresh out of college and you just got employed with your dream company. This type of transition, while exciting, could cause fears and anxieties. Therefore, a good morning mantra for someone in this scenario may sound something like “Be bold. Be brave. Be brilliant.” or something as simple as “You got this!”